Wearing thin

From GeenStijl (NL), we get this video that makes the blood boil. It shows a pack of moroccan kids (boys AND girls) bearing down on two Dutch girls cycling by. The pack proceeds to steal the bikes and abuse the two girls. This happened in Gouda this winter, a city with a fine history of moroccans running rampant and the authorities doing nothing to stop them.

At first sight one might conclude that moroccan parents are very lousy at parenting. But it is a well-known phenomenon, first commented on publicly by the late, great Pim Fortuyn, that other moroccans are never subjected to this kind of horrible behaviour.

Note the age of the kids in the pack: They're all pre-pubescent. Hence, this is not a case of raging hormones, either. So, there is basically only one conclusion left: The hostility and contempt with which these cretins treat the girls was taught. Evidently, their parents teach them that the Dutch are scum and it is okay to do this.

Let that sink in for a while: This video, by inference, raises some very uncomfortable questions about the attitude of the moroccan community as a whole towards us, nominally their compatriots. An attitude that is evidently marked by hostility and extreme contempt. And evidently that hostility and contempt is actively inculcated from a young age onward.

And if that is the case: Are we really going to let ourselves and our children be mistreated by the guests we've allowed into our homes? Guests who persist in rewarding the opportunities given them with ingratitude, contempt and outright hostility. Isn't it about time for a warning that the welcome is wearing thin? Isn't it about time to emphatically suggest that it's time to start thinking about moving out?

[UPDATE001] The Gouda police lets know (NL) they are investigating the video and promises the culprits will be arrested shortly. No points for correctly predicting the lame and utterly useless sanctions that will be placed in these cretins, though.

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dutchie zei

Knowing the effectiveness of our national hermandad, I think the youngsters have very little to worry about.

Sue zei

Will you let us know what happens with the police? If they fail to act, we can start to highlight these sorts of problems in Europe.

For far too long, the MSM have remained silent when indigenous people are attacked by immigrants. We need to start reporting it as it happens.

It's a problem that needs to be addressed in Europe now, especially as our Jewish communities are being especially targeted.

DP111 zei

It starts with such anti-social behaviour, then graduates to ever increasing violence, rape and murder. Finally, beheadings, guns and bombs - all on the road to Sharia.

Solution - is not to stop this behaviour, for the problem simply goes underground till the Muslim population is large enough to take over the country. The way forward, is to let it continue till the response is "We've had enough, out you go, all of you". This means of course war. But I don't see any other path except that.

Phil Belinfante zei

Send the brown apes home to Morocco or Goatfuckistan, take our ancestral homelands back from these islamic vermin.. no more welfare or immigration now.

DP111 zei

The profound problem of Muslim immigration

The authority of Muhammad is absolute in Islam, be it in form of Quranic commands or the examples of conduct recorded in hadith collections, known in Islam as the 'Sunna'. Hijra, immigration, was a key element in Muhammads takeover of Yathrib, today known as Medina.

Unfortunately, the concept of Hijra is not limited in time or space to 7th century Arabia. The command as given is absolute, and remains an obligation on Muslims. One of many hadith quotes Muhammad for this:
I charge you with five of what Allah has charged me with: to assemble, to listen, to obey, to immigrate and to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah.

Thus, immigration is step four out of a five step plan. Sam Solomon elaborates:
So Hijra or migration is binding on all Muslims for numerous reasons; the most important being that migration is preparatory to jihad with an aim and objective of securing victory for Islam and Muslims either in another country or generally as a community.


No other solution except removal of all Muslims. That can only happen of we are in a state of war.

Guy Gadbois zei

And in order to achieve that goal we must first remove the traitors and enablers among our own kind. If we don't do that first, there is really no hope in succeeding with our rebellion as it will eventually be struck down with an iron fist as they control the military and the police.

Klein Verzet zei

"We've had enough, out you go, all of you"

Judging from the reactions that item drew over on Geenstijl, we are getting very close to the point where that is going to be the attitude.


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