Wilders Trial - Day 10

Today was the first day of the second half of the Wilders trial. Today's session was a preliminary session, in which both sides could explain to the court how they would like to proceed. DutchNews.nl gives a short brief with the key points.

Wilders' lawyer Bram Moszkowicz said he wanted to start the whole process from scratch. The public prosecution department said it is not in favour of going right back to the beginning but would agree to the defence's wishes. After a bit of back and forth the prosecution agreed to hear judge Schalken, but only behind closed doors, without cameras. To the surprise of one of the judges (!) it was revealed that Schalken in not a suspect in the case brought against him by Wilders.

The most powerful moment came when Geert Wilders took the word and gave what probably will be known henceforth as the 'All over Europe the lights are going out'-speech. Ferdy sent me a transcript. I made a quick translation, including the presiding judges remarks at the end.

One thing to explain: The 'preliminary defence' referred to at the end is the plea that argues that the prosecutors don't have grounds for prosecution. This is based on some technical legal stuff I admittedly only half understand. But as I understand it, it amounts to an argument that what Wilders is accused of falls outside of the scope of the articles of law under which he has been charged. Additionally, given Wilders' status as an MP the Amsterdam court does not have the authority to hear the case against Wilders. Hence the court should summarily reject the case.

Obviously that is not the same as being acquitted. But it would be a vindication nonetheless, because it would mean that the case Geert Wilders was without grounds, in a legal sense, to begin with.

Anyway, here's my translation of Ferdy's transcript:

Geert Wilders - All over Europe the Lights Are Going Out.

President, members of the court,

Lights are fading out all over Europe. Everywhere on the continent where our civilization flourished and where man created liberty, prosperity and culture,
Everywhere the foundation of the West is under fire. Everywhere in Europe the elites act as the defenders of an ideology that has been out for our destruction for over 14 centuries

(Plaintiff: Mr. president, may I leave the room?)
(Judge presiding: You may leave the room if you do so quietly)

An ideology that originates from the desert and one that can only produce deserts, because it doesn't allow man to be free. The islamic Mozart, the islamic Gerard Reve, the islamic Bill Gates, they do not exist, because there can be no creativity without liberty.

And I believe, with everything I have in me, that Islam is an ideology that distinguishes itself in murder and manslaughter only, that only brings forth societies that are backward and impoverished. And strangely, those same elites won't tolerate any negative word about this ideology.

My trial is not an isolated incident. Only the ignorant think it is.

Throughout Europe, not just in the Netherlands, but in Europe as a whole, multiculturalist elites are fighting a total war against their people, with continuing mass immigration and islamisation at stake, ultimately resulting in an Islamic Europe. A Europe without liberty. Eurabia.

All over Europe the lights are going out.
Who thinks and speaks independently, is in danger, freedom loving citizens that criticize islam or even only dare to suggest there is a correlation between Islam and criminality or, for instance, honour revenge, pay a bitter price. And are threatened, persecuted and criminalized. He who speaks, who speaks the truth, is in danger.

All over Europe the lights are going out.
Everywhere the Orwellian thought police are at the ready, looking out for thought-crime everywhere. Everywhere looking to throw the people back within the lines within which they are supposed to think.

This trial, Mr. president, members of the court, is hence not just about me.
It is about something much bigger. Freedom of opinion is not the property of the accidental elite of a country. It is an inalienable right, the birth right of the Dutch people as well. Centuries have been spent fighting for it and now it is about to be sacrifices to accommodate a totalitarian ideology.

Future generations will watch, and look back on this trial, and wonder who was on the good side and who wasn't. Who stood for liberty and who wanted to sell out liberty.

All over Europe the lights are going out.
Everywhere our liberty is being curtailed. That is why I will close with the words I also spoke last year during the first session. It is not only the right, but also the duty of free people, to speak out against any ideology that threatens our liberty.

It is hence a right as well as a duty, my right and my duty as a member of parliament as well, to speak the truth about the malignant ideology that is Islam.
I hope the freedom of opinion will be victorious in this trial, I hope not only that I will be acquitted, but above all that the freedom of opinion of so many Dutch and so many Europeans, will continue to exist.
Thank you.

Judge: May we receive a copy of your epistle?
Wilders: Yes.
Judge: The clerk will come and get it. I would like to put the following to you, Mr Wilders. Having heard this, you are somewhat banging on about the fact that you prefer an acquittal. Did I understand that correctly?
Wilders: Certainly.
Judge: If a preliminary defence of yours would be successful, there will be no acquittal.
Lawyer: I've have talked about this with my client, Mr president.
Judge: I'm just putting it to you. I would like to leave him in a good position.
Lawyer: This must be clear, I have spoken about this with my client. You are right to point out, that when you conduct a preliminary defence, and it is honoured as well...
Judge: Could be
Lawyer: ... and it is honoured as well, it could be, we would not get to the underlying reasons why prosecution was ordered. Mr. Wilders knows this, and has chosen, consulting with me, to follow the legal way. If it is not honoured we will get to the underlying reasons, and then he would very much like an acquittal. In other words, I hope the preliminary defences will succeed. But should they not succeed I am counting on an acquittal.
Judge: Alright, I thought it would be good to get this clear. Just so that we know where we all stand exactly.
Court will be reconvened next Monday, February 14, 10:00 local, at which time dates will be set for the actual trial sessions.

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MFS - The Other News zei

I was thinking where have i hear this expression before ,then it came to me : Sir Winston Churchill.
"The Defence of Freedom and Peace "(The Lights are Going Out)
Broadcast to the United States and to London by Winston S. Churchill .
Indeed Europe and the free world is again under assault !
And Winny would have fought them just as hard!

Ingrid zei

Yah bless and keep Geert Wilders, our defender, and his good infidel lawyer, Bram Mosckowitz, safe forever

Ingrid zei

Tyranny reigns in our lands now, not just the Islamic tyranny, but our own corrupt authoritarian systems, virtually unhindered by voices like Geert's and Bram's, Stadtkewitz, Westergard, etc. BUT we need to be more unified in our opposition to tyranny - from abroad, like Islam, and from within. Infidels, Unite!

Ingrid zei

I was so upset by this subject that I forgot to thank you, Klein Verzet, for your posting of the trial proceedings, and your work on the translating of the transcripts.

You are really valued by us. I read it to my boyfriend and he was very moved. Without your work, we couldn't have known about it.

Thank you immensely.

Klein Verzet zei

Thanks for the kind word, Ingrid

DP111 zei


We do not know if Bram Mosckowitz is an "Infidel". He may well be Christian, Jewish or some other faith.

What I'm trying to say here is that we should not adopt the language of Muslims and Islam to describe ourselves, as we then concede a moral victory to them. Islam being essentially a triumphalist creed, it relishes victory of any sort, no matter how small.

I would call Muslims as heretics from the Judeao-Christian tree- almost a satanic heresy as they glory in blood lust.

What do you think?


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