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From Elsevier (NL): Wilders trial to continue.
The court of justice of Amsterdam has decided to continue the trial against leader of the PVV, Geert Wilders. Defence attorney Bram Moszkowicz earlier argued that the public prosecutor nor the court are eligable to try the case. (...)

Moszkowicz was ruled in the right for one of his complaints against the public prosecutor. Wildes cannot be prosecuted for comparing islam to fascism. However, that is not sufficient to halt the trial.
Moskowics' argument that the public prosecutor went beyond its brief by adding complaints that were not in the original file was also ruled insufficient. For instance, some statements from the file Fitna were not in the original brief, but are malignant enough to be entered into the file, according to the Amsterdam court.

Curiously, the public prosecutor is also allowed to prosecute Wilders for racial discrimination. Is the Amsterdam court really of the opinion that islam is a race?

The case is set to continue today at 09:45 local time.

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