"The days of permanently available electricity may be coming to an end ... Families would have to become used to only using power when it is available"

Behold the all new, 21st century progress... Not quite the same as the old progress, is it?

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DP111 zei

I hope when this starts to happen, people hunt down those responsible and tie them to the wind turbine blades.

Guy Gadbois zei

Requiescat In Pace


1050 A D – 2011 A D

In Loving Memory

The Death of a Nation – The greatest treason in recorded history.

Klein Verzet zei

Thanks for the heads up, Guy. Just blogged it.

Klein Verzet zei

I hope that will actually happen, yes.

I can't believe the arrogance of this man: He openly admits he is failing at his job. But then he turns around and tells us we should get used to him not doing his job.

Why wasn't he fired on the spot? Clearly he's not fit for his position.

DP111 zei


On further thought - is there a silver lining to this impending disaster of shortage of electricity?

The first question to ask is which is the greater catastrophe - one with shortages in electricity, the collapse of the economy as a result, or the loss of the UK to Islam?

I would say that loss of the UK to Islam is by any measure, a far greater catastrophe, for that would not be recoverable, if at all, for a thousand years. A shortage of electricity though, can be righted in a matter of a few years by building generating stations.

Assume therefore that shortages in electricity is our future. Our economy, as well as the distribution of food and other essentials, is based on "Just in Time". The result of electricity shortage will lead to uneven supply of food and essentials, the collapse of the economy, the financial markets will take fright and de-camp in a stream 0's and 1's. What will be left, is for all practical purposes, a UK that is a wasteland, as there are no hard engineering industries left in the UK.

In such a situation, the people will atlast wake up from their coma/stupor, and what will be left are riots, "US and Them" being the factor that divides the "US" from the "THEM".

Concurrent with this, a situation where Islamic countries have either driven out, or massacred their Christians populations, many of whom have fled to the West.

With shortages in electricity, homes are no longer nice and warm. We now have a situation in the UK, where there is food shortage, lack of money, unheated homes, hostility to immigrants, particularly Muslims. Under these ciecumstances, will Muslims and other people who like the easy life without work, still view the UK as a nice place to live, or will they simply up-stakes and go and live in a warm country, where they are not subject to harassment?

What does the commentariate think?

DP111 zei

Basically, my view is that we are so far down the sink hole, that the only way we can rescue ourselves is hoping, as well as working, to make the situation worse, and even more worse, till the penny drops.


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