Europe: Koran burner is jailed for 70 days!

If it was not all over the papers, I would not have believed it (Daily Mail, The Sun, NY Daily News, BBC, etc):

Andrew Ryan was shocked when he saw Muslim activist Emdadur Choudhuryin on television burn a poppy during the 2 minute silence on Armistice Day in front of horrified service families in London. He and the other Islamic activist also shouted during the silence: "British soldier’s burn in hell". For this he was taken to court and the judge gave him the lightest possible sentence: a 50 pound fine.

In a response Ryan decided to take a Koran from the local library and burn it publicly. For this he was arrested, but not fined like the Muslim activist; instead he was sentenced for 70 days in jail.

70 days!

70 days! for burning a book!

70 days! for burning a book! In Europe!

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Philip Zhao zei

One burns a Quran ends behind the bar for 70 days. How many days in jail if one burns 70 or 700 Quran?


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