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[ 2 - 4] On Gates of Vienna: Preparing for Ragnarök.
While Ragnarök is the end of the world as we know it, it is not “the end of history” in the Judeo-Christian sense. A new world will arise from its ashes. Our goal should be to sow seeds that can grow into strong trees bearing fine fruits in the future. Whether this post-catastrophic culture — which will most likely have a different mythology and maybe a different concept of morality to go with it compared to what we have now — will be a revived version of Western civilization or an entirely new version of European civilization I do not know, but I tend to suspect the latter. It is hard to predict such things, but a crucial challenge will no doubt be to break with the mentality of “progress” towards “equality,” since a toxic combination of these two concepts is burying us under dangerous and biologically unsustainable egalitarian ideals.

Preparing for Ragnarök
On the Background for Easter Eggs
The Human Web: A Bird's-eye View if World History
Mohammed and Charlemagne, Revisited.
The Chinese and the Irrational
The Curious Civilization
Is There A Genetic Basis For Northern European Drunkenness?
Medieval Myths
War and Human Accomplishment
Do Western Authorities Care More About Hamsters Than About Europeans?
The Development of European Eye and Hair Color
Mead, Butter, and the Indo-Europeans
Why Islam must be expelled from the West
Book Review: “The Perils of Diversity”
Explaining the Cold Climate Theory for the Evolution of High IQ
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff: Target of Western Shariah

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DP111 zei

If there was no Easter then death triumphs. If death is all there is, then people have no reason to improve society for the longterm. Jesus Christ conquered death, the greatest of all fears of man, thus giving hope that we too will triumph over death.

Looked at from this point, it gives one explanation why a predominantly Christian Europe has been so successful. As Christian belief weakens in the West, we see the breakdown of society, as many don't give a damn, as they will die anyway.


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