Wilders Trial day 17: Judges stay

Geert Jansen, Marcel van Oosten and Judith BoereeThe court of substitution has today ruled against the defense. Thus Geert Wilders and his defense keep the same court, with judges Geert Jansen, Marcel van Oosten and Judith Boeree, who remarkably enough appeared today not in robes but in casual clothing.

The substitution court argued as follows: all grounds for substitution would have to be appear immediate before the appeal for substitution. On these grounds the defense argument that the court did not react to a defense request was rejected. The argument of not doing an investigation into the lying witness that was called on the initiative of the court was rejected because the defense could request an investigation themselves. The substitution court also argued that the court of substitution was not meant for replacing the appeal procedure.

Thus now Geert Wilders has a court that has declared that it "feels used" by him and/or his defense lawyer.

Wilders tweets his response: Disapointed about this ruling. The bigwigs protect each other again. The circus continues.

Wilders also announced that he will press perjury charges against Bertus Hendriks (NL) later this week as he persisted in an inconsistent testimony that was also inconsistent with both other witnesses, of which one is a judge.

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