Another attempt at a 'beneficial crisis'

The immigration crisis, symbolized by the Island of the Saints is continuing apace. Richard North is warning us about 'the insidious doctrine of the beneficial crisis', using the flood of immigrants to argue for a common migration policy. It is bad enough as it stands, he writes, but if the "colleagues" get their way, then we can kiss goodbye to the last vestiges of control over our own borders.

And they are trying. From EU Observer we get the news that member states are for the moment holding off the EUnion Commission from having ultimate control over border decisions.
EU interior ministers meeting in Brussels to discuss the contentious issue of making it easier to re-institute national border controls have given the cold shoulder to the idea of the European Commission having ultimate control over border decisions.

Speaking after what was a preliminary debate on the matter, home affairs commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom admitted that "some member states have other views" when it comes to letting Brussels have a say in area, with Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, among those against the idea.

"Member states feel this is very much a national power," said one EU diplomat.
To Eurocrats as well as national politicians: AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!

This obscene bit of crisis-profiteering was suggested by the commission as a quid pro quo for expanding the conditions under which countries can make border checks EU Observer reports.

In this crisis that is something we must look out for, must be watchful about. The EUnion will try its damnedest to secure the powers to decide over national borders. If they have to compromise on Schengen, they will. It gives our national politicians a way out, an opportunity to come home and show the shiny new expanded powers, while forgetting to mention that they gave away the ultimate say to the Brussels beast.

Caveat emptor! Caveat very much.

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