Betrayed once more

Since yesterday, the cuts in the Dutch armed forces that had your intrepid blogger hopping mad when they were first announced (see also here) have been going into effect.

And today De Telegraaf (NL) reveals what we at this blog warned was the real reason for the cuts: The formation of a EUnion army.
Minister Hans Hillen (Defence) will work out plans for cooperation with Germany. This he and his German colleague Thomas de Maizière agreed upon during a visit to Berlin on Tuesday. Like the Netherlands, Germany is making sizable cuts in its armed forces.

According to a spokesman to Hillen, both ministers see possibilities for cooperation on the operational level for the submarine services of both and the formation of a joint Patriot [surface to air defence] unit. Possibly other countries will join at a later date. According to the spokesman, Poland and Italy have already expressed interest. (...)

Hillen earlier spoke to his Belgian and British colleague about closer cooperation. In the short term he will visit Luxembourg and Norway with the same goal. The minister was assigned to cut the defence budget structurally with one billion euros. Other countries will see considerable measures as well.
That is as good an indicator of the true nature of the cuts in the defence budgets as any. As we feared a month ago, ultimate goal of this exercise is to dissolve and dismember national armed forces and co-opt the remainder in a EUnion army. Now we only have to wait for some treaty or other setting up a joint HQ and chain of command. One that will undoubtedly remove the last bit national control from the armed units left and hand it over to Brussels. We will have been disarmed on a national scale (1).

If the ratification of the Lisbon treaty was the ultimate betrayal, this surrendering of the means to defend our sovereignty is a runner-up that will be hard to beat. Even more so, De Telegraaf wryly notes, as the announcement came on the exact date, May 10th, when 71 years ago German troops invaded the Netherlands, dragging us into WW2.

This cabinet, as the ones preceding it, proves it will not look out for national interests. This cabinet, this promising coalition of CDA and VVD, with support of the PVV, cannot be trusted to serve us, the people either. This little episode proves that our entire political class, even VVD and (yes!) the PVV, serve the enemy, are the enemy. And it breaks my heart to have to conclude this.

But here's a question: All over Europe (well, the EUnion) countries are gleefully dashing head-over-heels into major deconstruction of their armed forces. Given the hardware that is stood down even just in the Netherlands, that is a major instance of destruction of capital. It all happens without much protest, not even from the opposition. And it all happens in a manner that raises suspicions of close coordination.

Who ordered those cuts? Which treaty mandates those cuts. Are there secret annexes to Lisbon we need to know about, that force out politicians to do this? Who or what has their balls collectively in a big vice?


(1) Actually, given the principles of multiculturalism and cultural marxism at the core of the EUnion, we will find ourselves completely, utterly defenceless. The more I think about this, the more fearful I get.

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