Via Esther we get confirmation of something we long suspected:

Three out of four cattle killed without pain relief.
A new report by the European Commission indicates that up to 75 percent of all cattle in the EU are killed without pain relief, causing unnecessary suffering, reports Swedish Radio News.

Previous estimates put the figure at just five to ten percent, and Green Party MEP Carl Schlyter says he is shocked at the numbers. Many of the animals are first drained of their blood before dying, and a growing share of the 75 percent are made up of animals killed according to the rules for kosher and halal meat, but Schlyter says much is also due to cost-cutting measures at slaughterhouses.

The Swedish government wants to introduce labelling on meat so consumers can see whether cattle have been killed humanely, but they have so far failed to get a decision passed by the Council of Ministers.
(emphasis mine - KV)

Accusations of repeating myself be damned: We probably won't be worse off for eating it. But the food we're served is tainted nonetheless. Behold the state of our food industry these days: Rather then providing us with the best quality of our daily bread, they are spitting in it. Proper, mandatory labelling of food stuffs can't come soon enough.

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office zei

Perhaps we should all eat Pork, or bacon!

Rhlt zei

 I have mistakenly bought halal meat at a super market, and it definitely had a peculiar taste to it. Never again!

Governments must mandate that all meat products are labelled properly so that consumers don't wind up eating Islamic Garbage !

DP111 zei

The very thought that the meat I consume has been prayed over in accordance with Islamic ritual, is deeply offensive. This is supposed to be Christian Europe and not an Islamic country.

Fat Hen zei

You will be worse off for eating this contaminated meat as being bled out whilst conscious is very painful and the resulting meat is tainted with many stress hormones that impact human health and the meat quality itself.

Also, Christians cannot eat any meat that has been sacrificed to an idol, nor can Sikhs eat Halal for religious reasons either.

Moreover, there are many Jews and Muslims who want humanely slaughtered (ie, stunned) meat as the actual reason for those brutal methods was the mistaken assumption that it's kinder to the animal, and so it directly contradicts their religious believes, and there are quite a few producers that sell stunned halal meat nowadays.


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