Dead man walking

A must-read by Wayne Madsen: Is another European empire collapsing before our eyes?
Like it or not, the United States will soon see the collapse of an abortive European super-state based in Brussels and the subsequent return of sovereignty to the nations of Europe.
And sooner, rather then later, one hopes.

(h/t Witterings from Witney)

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WitteringsfromWitney zei

Thank you for the link -- much appreciated!

Rhlt zei

The EU's inevitable's collapse will signal the return of normalcy to its member states.  Finally, people can reclaim their national identities, deport the Trash from their midst, and breathe freely again...

Hallelujah !

DP111 zei


This is a must see video

Klein Verzet zei

WfW, you're most welcome.


The title was not by accident or folly. I am slowly arriving at the conclusion that the EUnion is dead. It just doesn't know it yet. The entire corps of EUnion talking heads and officials are generally viewed with a deep contempt. For a long time, there was patience with these characters, but that patience is running thinner by the day, seeing the cack-handed way they handle just about anything they touch. They have no legitimacy, no popular consent.

Even the most vile dictator needs at least a sizeable contingent of loyal followers among the general populace to stay in power. The EUnion doesn't even that. In the mind of the population it has seized to matter some time ago. It has become a nuisance, a burden without benefits. It now is just a matter of waiting for one government to pull the plug, or one population (violently) pulling the plug for the government.

Until then they can prance and preen. But they have no loyalty and no legitimacy in the eye of the vast majority of the population. And they are too deaf, dumb and blind to see this, caught up in their own delusions of competence, as they are. They are hapless, impotent functionaries in a hapless, impotent institution. They have failed. Their failure already is complete. It is just awaiting the final crash.


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