Empty suit

The White House Insider feeding Ulsterman shared information on the goings on at the White House leading up to and during operation Geronimo, taking out Osama bin Laden. In an initial, rather hasty communication the D.C. Insider reports that the point of determination, the go/no-go decision was made FOR Obama not BY Obama. In fact, he says,
When 48 hour go order issued, CoC [Chain of Command - the president] was told, not requested. Administration scrambled to abort. That order was overruled. This order did not originate from CoC. Repeat – this order did not originate from CoC. He complied, but did not originate. (...)

The killing of Osama Bin Laden was in fact a Coup within Obama WH.
In a follow-up offering more detail, the picture painted of the president is one of a man without determination, disinterested and indecisive, being led by the nose by his senior advisor Valerie Jarrett.
I have been told by more than one source that Leon Panetta was directing the operation with both his own CIA operatives, as well as direct contacts with military – both entities were reporting to Panetta only at this point, and not the President of the United States. There was not going to be another delay as had happened 24 hour earlier. The operation was at this time effectively unknown to President Barack Obama or Valerie Jarrett and it remained that way until AFTER it had already been initiated. President Obama was literally pulled from a golf outing and escorted back to the White House to be informed of the mission. Upon his arrival there was a briefing held which included Bill Daley, John Brennan, and a high ranking member of the military. When Obama emerged from the briefing, he was described as looking “very confused and uncertain.” The president was then placed in the situation room where several of the players in this event had already been watching the operation unfold.
Wow. I mean, just... Wow! This does not sound like a president in control of his government. This sounds like a class president instructed by his teachers. This sounds very much as if Barack Hussein Obama is the quintessential empty suit. And that is what we have as the leader of the free world...

I've mentioned Ulsterman and the WH Insider before. I think you could do worse then to keep an eye on what these two publish every now and then.

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Rhlt zei

Obama is the Muslim in the White House. The traitor's sympathies are with Islam and its believers. He did not want Bin Laden dead. He didn't want ANYTHING to happen to OBL !
The only reason that the Seals received the go-ahead to tackle Al Queda's leader was Leon Panetta, the CIA director.
Patriotic Americans can't wait to be rid of Obama. Another four years of that Sleazebag, and the US could be beyond salvation...

Klein Verzet zei

Well, from the reports by the WH Insider I get the impression the Obama camp in the WH is becoming increasingly isolated and out of the loop. It seems that a number of democrats within the WH are actively trying to salvage what they can of the Democrat party. Up to and including shutting out the (their!) president.

It would surprise me greatly if Obama runs for (let a alone wins) a second term.

DP111 zei

The Fog of Fog.


DP111 zei

Did Naval Burial Ceremony for Bin Laden Curse Jews and Christians, and Confer Pardon and Paradise on the Muslim Mass Murderer?
Andrew G. Bostom


Given the dhimmitude prevailing in the West, it would not surprise me in the least, if that was the case. Just imagine if Hitler had been given a full state funeral in accordance to the rites and requirements of Nazism(if such existed).

DP111 zei

One of the dangers that a US president faces is when his own security services start to leak info against him.

Klein Verzet zei

Meh. Our Father knows who're his. So does the Morning Star. I can't get too worked up about what the US Navy makes of it.


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