Osama bin Laden is dead.


His Grace posted a magnificent 'obituary'.
Osama bin Laden will have a bit of a surprise this morning: no lakes of wine; no endless stream of virgins; no pat on the back from his inspirational prophet; no utterance from Allah of ‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant” (in Arabic). No, today he stands in the fearful presence of YHWH, and the wages of sin is death. Osama Bin Laden has committed one or two sins of some considerable magnitude, was quite unrepentant, and did not accept Christ as his Lord and Saviour. His Grace therefore suspects that things might be a little warm for Osama today. His lake of wine will be a lake of fire: his tongue will burn and his thirst will never be quenched. The only virgins he’ll meet will be the worm variety, for the pit of Hell is a place of decomposition and destruction; of weeping and gnashing of teeth.
I can't seem to work up the enthusiasm displayed (or is it: played up) by our MSM. EURef does a good job (as always) to articulate my unease with the way this event is handled, not too mention the timing of it. So does Vox Day. To wit:
I'm not saying that Osama bin Laden isn't dead. For all I know, he's been dead since 2001, if not before. But it strikes me that if you wanted to make your own words more look suspiciously incredible, you would be hard-pressed to top the recent actions of the Obama administration.

"Hey, here's an ineptly produced computer file that clearly isn't a simple copy of the document that supposedly no longer existed in the first place!" "Hey, we killed the bad guy, but we had to ditch the body before anyone else could take a look at it and confirm it's actually him. Maybe if we just wave our hands and talk about DNA that nobody else has, someone will buy it."
Be that as it may, the creature is dead. But in the grand scheme if things it doesn't count for much, or so it seems to me. The devil (or is it Allah? Or is that the same?) has long since gotten all the use out of bin Laden he was going to get. For some years now bin Laden had become very, very expendable. The damage has already been done, wheels have been set in motion. Bin Laden has served his purpose.

Osama bin Laden is dead. Good. But looking over the battlefield, is that really the major victory we are led to believe it is?

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Rh zei

Bin Laden's demise is good news, of course, but the fight against Islamism is far from over. It won't be until all extremists have been nullified. In the meantime, the West must continue to be ever vigilant in its struggle against Moslem Maggots. The Creatures are plentiful and everywhere within our free nations.

When it's all over, Civilization will be victorious !

Klein Verzet zei

I'll toast a fine whisky to that!

Ferdy zei


Finally, although it took nearly10 years... Why 10 years? Well because Usama was retired and living quietly in a Pakistan safe house near its biggest military base and close to the capital. I guess all efforts in subsidizing Pakistan did not work out as they expected.

But if it’s really was a stealth raid, the US say it was, then the mission itself was also a clear warning to the Pakistani’s: You are vulnerable. We have total freedom of operation, in your country. At the same time, the Pakistani react aggressive, if they also act aggressive, this is going to be a very important development in the war.


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