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[L]ike most things to do with the EU, even its founding day celebrations are based on a lie. And, in choosing 9 May, the "colleagues" simply mark the transition from one form of tyranny to another.
EURef recognizing 'Europe Day' for what it is. Tim Worstall shares his feelings as well.

On the bright side: Even across the Big Pond the realisation of the true character of the EUnion is setting in, with Vox Day and Irwin Stelzer shining their light on us, sad little subjects of the beast.

[UPDATE001] For some comic relief, head on over to Gawain Towlers blog and take in the spectacle that was the celebration of 'Europe day' in Brussels. They can't even pull off a modest flag ceremony.

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Rh zei

The EU's days are numbered, and when finally it does collapse, it will be to rousing cheers from most of its member states. Then Europe can become Europe again, and individual nations regain their unique identity.
Freed at last from the EU Tyranny !

Klein Verzet zei

Well, I for one will be out celebrating. For a week, at least.


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