You have to lie

The eurocrat of eurocrats, Luxembourg PM Jean-Claude Juncker, has openly admitted what many, many of us have been suspecting for years: Eurocrats lie.

The WSJ blog post linked to has a video up (see above) of Juncker addressing a conference on economic governance. Incidentally, that is the same conference where Juncker admitted his preference for 'secret, dark debates between a few responsible people'. What we didn't know then, but WSJ is relating now, is that Juncker apparently also said he has “had to lie”. And these were not unfortunate incidences either. Rather, it seems to be a guiding principle. Speaking about touchy economic topics, Juncker admitted “When it becomes serious, you have to lie.”

Let that sink in for while. When 'it' becomes serious, 'you have to lie'. Not, 'you could lie' or 'you may lie', which would have been bad enough. No, in actuality is is much worse. When things get serious 'you HAVE TO lie'.

But the effects of this rather short-sighted breech of integrity that seems to be endemic in eurocrats are already making itself felt. When asked by the WSJ whether such deliberate misinformation would undermine confidence in future EUnion pronouncements, Guy Schuller, the spokesman for Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker confidently answered “not at all.”, observing that the market had practically no confidence in pronouncements already.
When Mr. Juncker, or European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet, or French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde say something to the markets, Mr. Schuller said, “nobody seems to believe it.”
Gee, how on Earth could that be? It's not like we've been lied to by eurocrats thousands of times before, have we? Eurocrats all over Europe have been nothing but forthright about the character and intent of the Lisbon treaty, haven't they? They also kept every solemn vow about preserving democracy or abiding by the rules they have set for themselves, like the no-bail-out clause.

I'll stop here. There is no point in rehashing every single grievance I have against the EUnion and the EUnionistas (though I do delight in daydreaming of being present at the execution of a good many of them). I'll just note that we have here, not just A eurocrat, but arguably THE eurocrat in sublime purity, admitting that the EUnions guiding principle is what we've expected all along: The lie. By his own admission, Juncker has shown once and for all that eurocrats, both in Brussels and within our own borders, cannot be trusted.

On the face of it that is as sad a comment on our generation of politicians as any. It seems that the entire, complete political class across the EUnion has given itself over to a total break-down of integrity, honour and humility. But that realization will be the acid eating away the mortar that is keeping the EUnion building together. That realization will hasten the (now seemingly inevitable) collapse of that grand experiment. And as such Junckers comments are most welcome.

h/t ZeroHedge, EURef is also on the case.

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Ferdy zei

You could also interpret these statements as a conformation on the Greek threat to leave the Euro zone, because lying about something like this certainly falls in the category of self-preservation of the Euro zone. Coincidently the EU is now reconsidering a Finish idea in which the Greek need to provide collateral for the new loans, making it more expensive for the Greek to leave the Euro zone.

Klein Verzet zei

I have little doubt there was at least some grain of truth in the Der Spiegel reporting. Sometime last Friday, somewhere, some Greek functionary must have uttered, whispered, implied, hinted at the threat to shore up the Greek bargaining position. Why else the secret *emergency* meeting?

I've read the reoprts on the EUnions plans to ask for more collateral. With my limited understanding if economy I can't make any soup at all with that bit of news. The extra loan is going to be used to pay of other, more urgent debts. But it will do nothing in mitigating the Greek insolvency. How is trading your entire inventory for such shabby, ineffectual loan going to benefit the Greeks. It doesn't make any sense at all to me.

Unless everyone involved have completely taken leave of their sense, of course.

Free Movies Online zei

It can also be understood as its own conformation of Greece threatens to leave the euro zone as lying about something, definitely belongs to a class of self-preservation in the euro area. Coincidentally, the EU has now re-Ready concept, that Greece gave guarantees for new loans, it is finer for the Greeks to escape the euro area


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