As if we needed more confirmation

Further to this and this, the Autonomous Mind provides more background: Parliament deceived about EU plans for sharing of military assets
The meeting at which pooling and sharing of military capabilities was discussed actually took place on 23rd May, but that is not how Gerald Howarth misled Parliament and the public. It was Howarth’s omission of important details about the meeting which Parliament should have been told and the public made aware that is the issue.

The fact of the matter is pooling and sharing initiatives in the military context here are not voluntary. They are being directed by the European Union. The matter is voluntary in so far as the EU will operate at arms length to provide support and foster pooling and sharing only as long as the member states actually get on with the business of carrying it out. (...)

If pooling and sharing of military assets was a matter purely for member states to engage in voluntarily, which Howarth wants Parliament and the public to believe, then what business does the Council of the European Union have setting best practice, scoping models for cooperation, defining success criteria, providing supporting tools and encouraging the European Defence Agency to help member states identify where assets can be pooled and shared? These are the actions of programme directors, not observers. The EU is in the driving seat.
This confirms what we've been saying all along. The invisible dead hand you feel is the EUnion and its ambition for its own military might. Rather then stand up for the people they were solemnly sworn in to serve, our political class opts to go along, no doubt hoping for a plush sinecure as a reward for services rendered.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we lose a nation and gain a tyranny. It is past time to start thinking about regime change. At home.

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Ferdy zei

I just wonder, can they use this EU army to secure EU loans to Greece, if needed?

Klein Verzet zei

I fear what the answer to that question is going to be. Remember: With Lisbon we have re-introduce the death penalty on our benighted continent as well.


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