Belated hiatus warning

As my readers may have noticed, KV is on hiatus. Personal circumstances (all of them good) and the need for some vacation time away from modern life are the cause. If there are FF updates, I will post them. But anything substantial from my own pen (as it were) will not be forthcoming. I hope to pick up the pace in a week or so.

In the mean time, if you're looking for some interesting reading: Richard North has come up with an interesting idea: Referism. The core idea is to force government to submit its annual budget to a referendum, thereby handing control of the purse strings (and hence, the power) back where it belongs: we, the people.

In the UK independent blogosphere there is a lively discussion going on about the practicalities (or not) of this idea. It is certainly something to consider for introduction here in our small damp corner of the world. In all likelihood I will be back to devote a post or two to this subject.

See you all in a bit.

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