Start executing, please

The EUnion is about creating an elite of loathsome, slimy bureaucrats, lording over, but separate from the common European citizenry.

That is about the only conclusion one can reach after reading this bit by Mary Ellen Synon on EUnion founded 'European Schools'.
The schools are located in the most fashionable neighbourhoods of Brussels, Frankfurt, European school from their website Luxembourg and other cities across the Continent where there are significant numbers of eurocrats, and at Culham in Oxfordshire (which is being wound-down as a European School and turned into an academy).

The schools offer an aggressively ‘European’ education from nursery level through secondary level, meant to produce children who are – and this is their founding mission statement -- ‘in mind Europeans, schooled and ready to complete and consolidate the work of their fathers before them, to bring into being a united and thriving Europe.’
That already is a tad sinister: founding a school to indoctrinate children from nursery age onwards with the secular-humanist, collectivist, centralist and corporatist 'values' of the EUnion. But it gets even worse when we read that the schools are meant for the children of EUro-elite only. No, really:
Selection of the nearly 22,780 pupils is based entirely on their parents’ connections in the EU. Children hoping to go to one of the schools are divided into divisions based on family status.

The most privileged class is called Category I. A child is Category I if one of his parents is on the staff of an EU institution or is a national expert seconded by an EU institution or is an official attached to one of the Permanent Representations to the EU. (These are the national embassies which negotiate in Brussels at European Council level.)


Category II children have parents who work for one of the international organisations such as Nato which pay fees to the European Schools. Category III children have parents who have no connection with the EU but are willing to pay up to £13,000 a year to secure a place. Category III children have no hope of admission until demand by higher-category children has been met.
The real kicker is, of course, that it is you and I who pay for this utter, utter slime to send their equally slimy offspring to these privileged schools, even as we cannot send our own children, should we want to (which I don't to begin with. I value my childrens' souls).

We pay the taxes, that pay the salaries of that privileged scum, the school buildings and staff and everything, down to the school lunches. And for what? For the ability to have the EUro-slime breed their own in the ways of the EUnion, preparing them for a life of undeserved riches and luxury on the backs of common people.

Can we leave now? And can we, after leaving, start executing the people that brought us into this mess? Please?

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Ferdy zei

"Category III children have parents who have no connection with the EU but are willing to pay up to £13,000 a year to secure a place"
The Eurocialist started from that ideal of one equal class: Europeans. But of course that does not work, people are just too stupid to understand and appreciate their benevolent ideas, so now we have that Orwellian notion of equal ness again:
"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".

Takinson zei

These schools need to be visited by Thomas Hamilton

Klein Verzet zei

Yes, that was the first thought in my mind as well: Some are more equal then others. Like I said: Utter, utter slime...

Apdi zei

Or a visit from representatives of the religion of peace and tolerance who dropped in to Beslan, for some lively intercultural exchange.

DP111 zei

It wont stop here. 

The next stage will be - preference for all those highly paid jobs in the EU, will be given to people who have been educated in EU schools. 

The EU are not just an oligarchy but becoming an aristocracy. Tumbrils come to mind.


DP111 zei

Do the EUslime still retain the privilege of buying duty free goods? 

I remember that the EU banned this for ordinary citizens as they argued the the EU was one common customs duty zone. 

Cuffleyburgers zei

Guys, guys, some unpleasant coments here about Beslan and Thomas Hamilton, which aren't terribly funny.  It is not these kids fault that their loathsome parents have stitched up the system, so lets not visit the sis of the father etc etc.

Let us instead recognise the real problem - that our elected politicians have sold us down the river to this unelected horrendousness, all that is required is to take charge of our own affairs again.

The way to do that is for those who actually care about this to take to the streets, to the press, deluge these bastards with our point of view and insist that the likes of Euroslime Cameron and Clegg respect our desire to get out.

We need a revolution with no bullets.  We must learn to dominate the debate.  The facts are on our side if we can get them out there.  

Klein Verzet zei

True that. Very true. Please everyone, reign in the rhetoric a bit.

Bob Doney zei

"We need a revolution with no bullets."

... and when that doesn't work?

WitteringWitney zei

Thank you most kindly for the link - much appreciated!

WitteringWitney zei

ps: Added you to my blogroll!

Klein Verzet zei

Why, thank you, good sir.

Klein Verzet zei

Methinks we worry about that when we get there. Stuff like this has a tendency to work itself out in the end.

Klein Verzet zei

I agree. But that is all the more reason to stand up and register ones non-consent.

Antipopulist35 zei

The article is factually inaccurate. The schools are critically undefunded and you are the sort of nuts who lap up any crap without bothering to check sources.

Klein Verzet zei

Okay. Enlighten me, then. What did I or Mrs. Synon get wrong?


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