A failure of the community

Cultural enrichment takes many diverse and sometime unexpected forms. In the Netherlands this week, there was an uproar about what seems to be the latest trend in cultural enrichment (NL), disrupting funeral processions:
In Amersfoort yet again a funeral procession was disrupted by youth. Students of the [islamic] primary school Bilal flipped their middle-finger and were seen cheering as a procession of mourners drove by.

The head of the school told RTV Utrecht he will speak to the children about their behavior. Additionally he would like to introduce the bereaved to the children, to make them realize what they have done.
The bland reporting by RTV Utrecht not withstanding, it became clear quite quickly the 'youth' involved were Moroccan children, reported to be between 9 and 11 years old.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened either. Back in the end of May, a funeral procession was similarly harassed by Moroccan 'youth', circling the procession on their bike, cheering and shouting 'Jews, Jews, Jews'. In an item on Dutch TV (NL) CEO of the funeral organisation UVZ relates the incident during the funeral of a 17 year old girls. At the start of the procession, the lead car is approached by young Moroccans wanting to know if the occupant of the coffin is a muslim. After hearing the negative answer, they proceed thumping and kicking the funeral limousine, saying 'Good, one less dog'.

That this has happened, is happening, that such is being done by Moroccan children as young as 9 to 11 even, is enough to descend into a blood-thirsty rage by itself. But this isn't the most infuriating aspect of the story. That distinction goes to the combined attempts by director and staff of the Bilal school and the MSM to downplay the incident and refocus the issue.

In the wake of the incident the school received hundreds of angry emails, some of which were of a threatening nature. This gave the school and the Dutch MSM the opportunity to focus on the fact that the a primary school needs extra police protection (NL). Because, according to the director of the Bilal school, in a crisis like this a primary school is very vulnerable. In De Telegraaf (NL; pdf) the director directs attention to the disquiet among parents of the schools students over the indignant reactions this news has provoked. The teachers also are 'irritated' with the commotion the news has caused. Thus, the angle played up big in the MSM is not the disrespectful, uncivilized and frankly depraved behaviour of the Moroccan children. Following the Dutch MSM, one would be forgiven the impression that the main problem is the reactions this news has provoked in Dutch society.

One of those involved is quoted as saying that the boys involved cannot be blamed for their behaviour since 'an eleven year old does not have the moral awareness'. Really? That is your explanation? That is the excuse? Geenstijl asks (NL), quite rightly: "How many times did you harass a funeral procession when you were 11? Did you also flip of random bereaved as an 11-year-old? And the 64,000 dollar question: Did you have sufficient moral awareness about death and mourning to be held responsible for offensive behaviour?"

This news raises (yet again) some uncomfortable questions about the Moroccan community and its place within our borders. That these children do not understand, even at the age of 9, that death comes to us all and that the death of a loved one is a period of momentous grief and loss that should be treated with the respect and dignity it deserves, points to a monumental failure, not just of the parents involved, but of the entire community, including the director and staff of the Bilal school. This is illustrated by the irritation of the school staff and even some of the parents quoted in De Telegraaf with the 'overblown reaction' of the civilized, non-Moroccan portion of the Dutch populace, who are 'making a mountain out of an mole hill'.

There is no sign whatsoever of the realization that this incident is way, WAY beyond mere mischief and exuberant boy-ish naughtiness. Thus it is not just the children and the parents that must be held accountable. The entire Moroccan community has failed to inculcate even the most basic respect and civility in their youngsters. It is the entire Moroccan community that is responsible for this incident. And it is time the Moroccan community in the Netherlands start to realize they are fast outstaying their welcome.

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Fifteen Heretics zei

KV, we all know that muslims in Holland have gone way, way too far. GW is only just beginning his crusade and he now has a more favorable wind.

If I may abuse your time, this is my experience of Muslims in the Islamic republic of Tilburg: http://tinyurl.com/6ctrz23

Yepitssnouck zei

These people ..... how not to hate them?

DP111 zei

The answer if these youngsters are morally aware is here

the lead car is approached by young Moroccans wanting to know if the occupant of the coffin is a muslim. After hearing the negative answer, they proceed thumping and kicking the funeral limousine, saying 'Good, one less dog'.

More then aware of morality but it is the Islamic type -  A good Infidel is a dead Infidel.

Klein Verzet zei

Wow, FH. That is a sad story. And what is even more tragic, this is just one, of God knows how many, that we don't normally hear about. I wonder what would happen if he media were to systematically inventory this undeserved hostility.

Hopefully, you have moved on to greener pastures since then?

Klein Verzet zei

Hiya Snouck,

Yes, it does take an effort, doesn't it? Moroccans are fast making there presence here impossible. And, contrary to modern-day multi-cult laments, it is their own fault.

No need for a 'Protocols of the Elders of the Riff' telling us how Moroccans secretly are planning to take over the world, to stir the passions against them. The everyday abuse the Dutch non-muslim suffers at the hands of these uncivilized ingrates will do the trick quite nicely. Talk about your self-inflicted injury!

Klein Verzet zei

Good catch actually, DP! I hadn't thought of it that way. You may be on to something here.

Ferdy zei

As any parent knows, children always tell the truth. These kids apparently have been told by their parents to hate us.
But strangely enough their hateful acts never lead to any hate crime charges, let alone long running trials that last for years. No, in our Orwellian times that kind of treatment is just reserved for people who don’t actually act violently, but only warn against such kind of hate.

Morningstar zei

Yet another sign that arselifters does not belong in a western society.

DP111 zei


Which town and where?

DP111 zei

This is endemic it seems right down to children in schools. There is no way this could be happening without the approval and incitement of their parents and the mosque.

Muslims disrupt funerals of infidels in Hollandhttp://tundratabloids.com/2011/06/fundamustards-disrupt-funeral-of-non-muslims-in-holland.html#comments

DP111 zei

An excuse made for Islam is that the burqa was adopted from Hinduism. Well have a look at ancient Hindu temples that have survived Islamic destruction – naked women galore. Hindus adopted the burqa and face veils as a means to protect their women from being preyed on. A beautiful Hindu woman would immediately become the prey of the Islamic overlord or any Muslim who could get her hands on her, rape and then marry her if she was lucky. The practice continues to this day. Children obviously became Muslim.Why is it that Islam adopts the worst aspects of other cultures, while leaving redeeming features alone. It explains why Islam, unlike other religions, becomes more barbaric over time.

Ferdy zei

I just wonder if Islam becomes more barbaric over time. Isn’t it just very consistent over time in its tribal and violent barbarism? One could actually argue that this ‘stability’ has been its main success factor. Because contrary to what is so often proclaimed, violence and terror actually do work and islam is the living proof one can derive a pretty stable order than can survive for ages just by the consistent application of violence and terror.

DP111 zei


You are right of course. The fundamentals of Islam have been consistent over time . However, it is the violent verses in the koran, the later ones, that are in operation.

The problem is that  when ones brings up the burqa or FGM or customs in Islam that are not flattering to Islam, Muslims point out that they are cultural and not Islamic. It is this aspect that I was addressing.   

DP111 zei

Lets remind ourselves who and what the EDL is.

The EDL is the only grassroots movement in the
West that is against the destruction of Western civilisation. It is the only
one that has the courage to go out on the streets, even into Muslim areas, and
face the hostility and violence of Muslims, Left wing extremists, the police
and the media. There is nothing like it in the West. There are now movements in
the West that have modelled themselves on the EDL.

The EDL is way above and beyond the likes of
single bloggers such as Geller and Spencer, or for that matter any blogs. The
EDL does not even need to apologise or explain itself. Its very being and what
it does, is more then enough. It does not even need to have an apology from
Spencer or Geller, as it is far bigger, stronger, and motivated enough to step
on to the real battlefield, rather then merely bemoan the Islamisation of the
West - they are real soldiers, who get bloodied and injured, rather then
armchair commentators on the passing scene. 

My hat off to the EDL. Support it, as your life,
and the lives of your descendants, depends on it.


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