A very scary list

Via Calling England we get the following, truly frightening list.

On 1st November 2014 the following areas of competence will switch from requiring unanimous approval of all member states to qualified majority voting:

Initiatives of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs
Administrative co-operation
Border controls
Citizens' initiative regulations
Civil protection
Committee of the Regions
Common defence policy
Crime prevention incentives
Criminal judicial co-operation
Criminal law
Diplomatic and Consular protection
Economic and Social Committee
Emergency international aid
EU budget
European Central Bank
European Court of Justice
Eurozone external representation
Foreign Affairs High Representative election
Freedom of movement for workers
Freedom, security, justice, co-operation and evaluation
Freedom to establish a business
Funding the Common Foreign and Security Policy
General economic interest services
Humanitarian aid
Intellectual property
Organisation of the Council of the EU
Police co-operation
President of the European Council election
Response to natural disasters and terrorism
Rules concerning the Armaments Agency
Self-employment access rights
Social Security
Structural and Cohesion Funds

These are all areas of national competence that will, with one fell swoop, be delivered into the hands of the EUrocrats. If we, as a nation decide to keep our social security the way it is, for instance, we better hope all other member states let us. There is no more sovereignty after 2014, November 1st.

Remember the days, back in 2007, when Maxime Verhagen en Jan Peter Balkenende came home crowing victory, celebrating the vanquishing of EUnion Constitution 1.0? It was a lie then, it is a lie now. Then again, what else is new?

Yes, the democratic theatre is still in place to entertain the masses. Every few years we get to vote one set of slime out, and another set of equally slimy toads in. But even the mouth-piece of the euro-slime, EU Observer is now openly admitting it: ‘Vote how you like, but policies cannot change'.

And even if we decide we've had enough, tough luck. As of the Turnip withdrawal of a member state is subject to QMV as well.

The crucial point being missed by the euro-slime, however: By removing any possibility to register our dissent (and be heard) non-violently, only the violent is left. You reap what you sow, after all.

Well, we, as a nation, could always strife to be even more obnoxious (direct and straight-forward, as we Dutch like to call it ourselves) then we already are. With any luck they'll vote to kick us out. But I am sharpening my pitch-fork and testing the rope, just in case.

[UPDATE001] And it is not over yet. While the world is watching with bated breath as Greece is slowly burning to the ground, the EUro-slime are preparing a set of legislation that will remove even more powers from our own governments, from ourselves. Via WfW:

* A financial transaction tax which will allow the EU to raise its own tax, even set its own tax rates, without democratic oversight.

* Finalisation of the EU's takeover of asylum rules. This means that we won't be able to set our own asylum policy.

* The economic governance package. This sees the EU having oversight of member state treasury decision. It demands budget approval ahead of the government presenting its Budget to the Dutch people.

* Endorsement of EU Treaty change to allow for future economic bailouts of other EU countries. This would see us liable for massive unknown future costs running into billions.

* Informal agreement of Croatia joining the EU. This would see another four and half million people given access to the UK, Germany and Holland.

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Morningstar zei

Where do they have all the prison/labor camps/gulags for us dissenters who will never accept our slavery?

Klein Verzet zei

I wouldn't worry about that. We'll find out in good time, methinks.

Klein Verzet zei

You're welcome. And indeed, sir/ma'am, indeed!

DP111 zei

Around 600 BC Solon, philosopher, statesman and lawmaker,  was confronted by huge levels of debt within Greece. The debt was so huge that it could never be re-payed. The level of indebtedness was big enough to to lead to high levels of crime and social unrest.  No one was safe. Even the rich could not build walls high enough to protect them from angry peasants, wishing to wreak havoc on the money lending class.  His solution was to cancel the debt, that is the money lenders took a haircut. The result was an invigoration of the economy.

Free Movies Online zei

express their thanks for the links, KV arvostetaan.Tietotarpeet spread it around - if only the MSM reported the fact that bloggers would not be reaching a crisis point for many questions.


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