Breivik did not like islam or multi-culturalism. In itself there is nothing wrong with this. An individual is, or should be, free to decide which ideas correlate most closely with his/her ideal of how to live a good life. People throughout the world and throughout history believe and have believed in all sorts of idea. Good idea and bad ideas, even ridiculous ideas. Counter-productive, destructive and dangerous ideas. Evil ideas, even. As far as I am concerned people should be free to believe whatever they want to believe.

Breiviks error, his catastrophic lapse of judgement, is his decision to make war on an ideology by declaring 'war' on the people holding these convictions. His aim evidently is to root out cultural marxism by destroying everyone he judges to be a cultural marxist. He has killed people for the convictions he thought they had. In his pursuit to destroy people for their convictions Breivik is no different then the worst totalitarian criminals in the USSR or Nazi Germany. You do not go about killing social-democrats because they are social democrats, you do not kill muslims because they are muslim, any more then you go kill Jews because they are Jews.

The only acceptable way to fight ideas or convictions is by open debate. Let de free market place of ideas sort out the good from the bad ideas, the productive from the evil ideologies. Bad ideas should be combated with better ideas.

However, a problem arises when a government does nothing to restrain dangerous ideas from nestling in the way we are governed. A problem arises when a government actively promotes counter-productive and destructive ideas. Even more so when such is done without a democratic mandate, without the consent of the people.

Breivik was obsessive about cultural marxism. So much so that he focused entirely on holders of that conviction. In the process he seems to have completely forgotten that his beef was with the regime, the government, that gives free reign to this ideology. In a similar way the counter-jihad tends to focus obsessively on the islamisation of the West without reckoning with the fact that it is government that is enabling that islamisation. Islam per se is not the problem. Neither is multi-culturalism.

The actual problem is unaccountable, undemocratic, autistic government. The counter-jihad, anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism: They are all expressions of dissent with the way the West in governed. They are all expressions of deep-seated resentment against the ruling classes taking away from people what they hold dear. Without a mandate from the people, without popular consent. On the contrary, opposing voices are marginalized and a free debate is made impossible by stifling words like 'hate' and 'racism' and 'extreme right'.

If then a government or regime stands in the way of a free exchange of ideas, in whatever form, that government should be changed. If a government forces its ideology on the population without a democratic popular consent, or even against it, that government must be changed. With democratic means, if possible. With open revolt and popular uprising if there is no other way.

But let it be noted that what I advocate, what I want, is regime change. I don't wish for blood in the streets. I don't wish for a blanket expulsion of all muslims (let alone all immigrants) from my country. I don't wish for the murder of anyone. I wish for a government that listens to its people. And if that is extreme, then I am afraid I am an extremist. But in that case, so too are 90% or more of the general population.

[UPDATE001] His Grace is thinking along similar lines:
It appears now that if you believe in small state, low tax policies; are fiscally conservative; oppose on-tap abortion; support the traditional, nuclear family; seek to limit immigration; support withdrawal from the EU; advocate freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom of conscience and freedom of belief, you are without doubt a racist, bigoted zealot, and almost certainly a ‘right-wing extremist’ or a ‘right-wing nutter’.

And if it is ‘fascist’ or ‘extremist’ or ‘right-wing’ to say this, then it would appear that His Grace also needs watching. But so do the vast majority of Britons who are proud to stand up for such beliefs and advocate such policies, for there beats yet the Conservative heart of the nation.
[UPDATE002] Also well worth the time you spend reading it: Inevitability by EURefs Richard North.
Our leaders may well take note. There are more men like that waiting in the wings and they are watching and waiting. Soon such a time may come where those who have only a little to lose, have even that taken from them. Then there will be more blood. And while I do not condone the killing of children ever, if our leaders continue to deny us a say in our future and our lives, they themselves are fair game. And I shall not shed a tear when it happens.

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WitteringWitney zei

Excellent article KV, just excellent. One caveat and it is I believe a point worth making time and time again. The more politicians attempt to regulate our thought words and deeds, the more chance there is of this sad event reoccuring.

A few thoughts, similar to yours but not as well expressed, over at my place.

WitteringWitney zei

Have updated mine with a link to yours, in view of your superior prose.....

Klein Verzet zei

Thanks WfW, for the compliments as well as the link.

Yours also is worth nicking, but it fits better in a different post I already had in the works. Saves me some work as well. Thanks for that, too.