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... from GoV. I'll just link in chronological order:

OIC Chants Again: “Geert Wilders is a Meanie”

The OIC Vastly Oversteps Its Boundaries

Dutch Foreign Minister Stands up for Geert Wilders

Incidentally, the sources for the last two items was the PVV PR office, who were kind enough to send the items to KV as well.

It is tough to put into words the feeling that one gets, having a government that is actually taking a stand against the geo-political bully boy that is the OIC. Remember the Fitna brouhaha? What a difference a few years (and a new government) make.

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Yepitssnouck zei

It is also nice to see that the PVV links to the Gates of Vienna blog in their email newsletter.

Oh and the words you are grasping for: how about "satisfaction" and perhaps a whiff of "pride".

They work for me :-)

And btw. I got my islam in europe blog back online

Klein Verzet zei

Hiya Snouck,

Glad to see you're back. I had noticed you dropping off the radar. Thought you got all bored with it and just gave up. Good to see you didn't. I'll update the blog roll.

Yepitssnouck zei

Ha thanks. You may want to give the your link another look though :-)

Klein Verzet zei

Oops, sorry 'bout that. Don't know how manages to fudge that up so badly. Corrected it (including the embarrassing spelling mistake).


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