The nations are stirring

Two items I pilfered from EURef, that show that EUnion member nations are starting to push back at the EUnions ambitions.

I) The European idea
The Huns, according to The Irish Times, are getting a tad irritated with their Danish neighbours, the latter having decided to double the number of customs officers patrolling its borders and conducting spot checks on vehicles, bringing the number to 260.

The Danes say the move, ostensibly to fight organised crime, human trafficking and the drugs trade, is in line with EU law.
Be that as it may, it is a openly reversal of the Schengen accord, so prized by the EUrocrats.

II) A hugely ironic inversion
Holland we are told is on a collision course with the EU over a threat to deport Poles and other eastern Europeans who cannot find work. It is also planning to withhold their state benefits if they do not speak Dutch.

This is nothing particularly new as it has been grumbling on for many months. What gives it added zest, though, is that Poland took over the presidency of the EU last Friday, and holds it for the next six months. It then will be cast in the role of fronting any talks aimed at getting Holland to climb down.

The issue thus has been seized upon by Poland's economic affairs minister Waldemar Pawlak, who has recently declared the development "dangerous". It "could lead to the collapse of the European system of freedom of movement", he says.
Is the worm finally turning?

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DP111 zei

This is a good development,  as till now,  the EU commission had got it into their collective heads, that the EU was the first and last word on all matters pertaining to European countries. That this idea was fixated in their heads, was in no small measure because they had achieved the impossible - the theft of a nation's sovereignty, done openly and in complicity with a nation's political elite, by bribing them with highly paid political post in the EU, in the event of their losing their parliamentary post in an election.  When one thinks about it, such a bribe is practically irresistible to a politician, for to lose political office is the greatest catastrophe that can befall any politician.

For politicians in Denmark and Holland this is a disaster, as the EU will exact punishment by not appointing failed politicians from the above two countries, unless it has to be a quota appointment.

Klein Verzet zei

For politicians in Denmark and Holland this is a disaster, as the EU
will exact punishment by not appointing failed politicians from the
above two countries, unless it has to be a quota appointment.

In the short run you're probably right. But it seems that now even on a national level push-back is building. Looking ahead a bit further that is only good news. When even the governments of member states (i.e. the curret ruling elite, brought up with the idea that the EUnion is the way to paradize on Earth) are losing patience with the EUnion project, you just know that the EUnion has (finally) jumped the shark.

Morningstar zei

Ceterum censeo EUnem esse delendam.

DP111 zei

The preamble to Hungary's new constitutionWe, members of the Hungarian nation at the beginning of the new Millennium, bearing responsibility for all Hungarians hereby declare that:We are proud that our King St. Stephen established the Hungarian state on firm foundations a thousand years ago and made our country a part of Christian Europe.We are proud of our forefathers who struggled for the survival, freedom and independence of our country.We are proud of the magnificent intellectual creations of Hungarian people.We are proud that our people have battled for centuries to protect Europe (from the Moslem East) and have, with their talent and diligence enriched her common values.We recognize the role of Christianity in preserving our nationhood. Likewise we appreciate the different religious traditions of our country (The Jews).We promise to preserve the spiritual and intellectual unity of our nation battered by the storms of the past century. We consider the nationalities and ethnic groups living in Hungary as parts of our Hungarian nation.We undertake to preserve and nurture our legacy, the Hungarian culture, our unique language, the man-made and natural treasures of the Carpathian-basin. We bear responsibility for our children; therefore we will prudently use our material, intellectual and natural resources, so as protect the essentials of life for future generations.We believe that our national culture provides a rich contribution to the diversity of European unity.Read the rest

Klein Verzet zei

Yes, I've seen that. Seems that the Hungarians are a couple of steps ahead of us.


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