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An unexpected post (in more way then one. Glad he's back) by Haunting the Library: “Limits to Growth” – Here’s What You Never Hear About It – And The Truth. It is a post about the report known colloquial as the 'Club of Rome report', in which, it is said, the demise of humanity is predicted unless we embrace a no-growth economy. But as is often the case, the truth is quite different. And rarely heard.
Limits to Growth, according to these people, proves that humanity is heading for a crisis. The computer models prove it. It may not have happened yet, but it will happen. Except Limits to Growth was never even intended to prove anything of the sort.
In fact, that (in)famous report commissioned by the Club of Rome left the members of that self-same club quite unconvinced.
King stresses that the study was not by the Club of Rome, but for the Club of Rome who commissioned it. And what did they think of their own study?
When the Club had the opportunity to discuss Limits it was clear that many of the members were unconvinced by its conclusions on matters that they had never before discussed. Indeed, I felt that a majority did not accept it. Limits had a distinctly neo-Malthusian flavour clearly unpalatable to those amongst us who were technological optimists and we all regretted that the work had paid insufficient attention to the great human and social issues (p. 338).
That’s right – even the Club that commissioned the study did not accept its findings, in particular its gloomy, Malthusian tone. King happily agrees that “criticism concerning lack of appreciation of technological change, the power of the market and the degree of aggregation were, of course, valid”
Also featured in the post, a something less then complimentary, is Sicco Mansholt, the Dutch ex-minister of agriculture, who almost single-handedly set about to (and seems to be succeeding in) destroying the agricultural back-bone of Holland and Europe at large.

Go and read the post. And slap your eco-friendly neighbor/friend/family-member silly with it as soon as he/she brings up the Club of Rome or the "Limits to Growth" report.

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Guest zei

Found on WUWT:

Seems to be a Dutch politician with some sense re 'climate change'

Klein Verzet zei

Yes, that story came out when I was away for work. There is a detectable increasing reluctance to accept the green narrative as gospel in the Netherlands (and, by extension, Dutch politics). The whole AGW edifice is creaking and crumbling.

On a more personal note, this week someone tried to engage me over my 'sceptic' stance vis-a-vis and a-propos of AGW. I couldn't be bothered with that nonsense. I just laughed at her, which left the person in question shocked and utterly (and surprisingly) bewildered. Seems these folks have a real problem of you don't adhere to the guilt-ridden script.

DP111 zei

The sky is going to fall in. According to my computer model, the sky is going to fall in, bringing about a  complete collapse of the planet's eco-system(1),(2). It may not have happened yet, but it will happen. 

1. On the stability of the Atmospheric sky, a case study - DP111, Eliza Chicken, and Jeremiah Israel, Annals on Planetary Atmospheres, vol2, Sept 2005, pp111-121. 

2. Atmospheric sustainability - DP111, Eliza Chicken, and Jeremiah Israel- Transactions on Atmospheric Physics, vol1, part B, June 2004, pp244-256.  

I can cite several other papers. 

DP111 zei


I can understand the guilt ridden stuff -  it is part if our cultural makeup. Personal guilt requires personal atonement and repentance. What is not understandable is that these people want others to make atonement and repentance. Moreover they require collective repentance, therefore it is mob hysteria.

DP111 zei

Moreover this public repentance has taken the form of a religion. AGW Climate Change is now the official state religion of the EU, with the Vatican at the MET office, subsidiary monasteries in the world, and an important one in East Anglia. 

The state now requires how we order our lives along sacramental lines of AGW, and how we perform the sacrament over the gas cooker por electric appliances.  It levies a tax, part of which funds the MET office Vatican and other monasteries.

I strongly believe that there should be a separation between the church and the state.The state has no business in how we worship the god of Climate, some may even be atheists. In addition, the church should have no business in the running of the state and instruments. 


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