A thought and a prayer

Reuters: Bomb kills 2 in Oslo, gunman wounds 5 at camp
AP: Bomb blast, shooting at youth camp horrify Norway.

Terrorism (is it too early to call it jihad?) visits our benighted continent once again.

BBC updates can be found here. Gates of Vienna is updating here.

Spare a thought for Norway and her citizens. And a prayer, if you are so inclined.

[UPDATE001] There is a vicious rumour going around that Fjordman is the Oslo shooter named Anders Breivik. Sites like LGF are gleefully running with this.


From Gates of Vienna:
I was in conversation with Fjordman all day today, starting before the shootings, during the slaughter, and afterwards. If he was shooting up Utøya, he was doing an amazing job of communicating with his friends the whole time, even after he was thrown in a jail cell.
I am surprised and quite shocked that anyone, who's has read any of the FF's would even entertain the thought that Fjordman would be capable of something like this atrocity. Fjordman does not deserve this. Anyone spreading the rumour is, by that action, saying more about his/her own loathsome character.

[UPDATE002] Posted on GoV, on 23 July 2011, over 24hrs AFTER the Oslo atrocity:
I notice that certain bloggers such as Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs keep spreading the utterly false rumor that I am the evil shooter from Utøya, the island just outside of Oslo.

I have absolutely no idea who planted that rumor or for what reason, but they obviously don’t wish me well. For the record, I was live-blogging about these horrible events the entire Friday evening, which can be confirmed by nearly a dozen different individuals.

I didn’t respond to these rumors earlier because I was too emotionally exhausted from yesterday’s events. It was hard to pay attention to such things, but now I feel that I must. Some people really do want to smear me that badly.
Let that be an end to the matter.

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Fifteen Heretics zei

palpable relief on the left that this was not an Islamic act of terrorism and
that it was caused by a white, blue eyed, blond haired Nordic type is as
sickening as the palpable joy of those on the extreme right when they thought
it was a Muslim. Both different sides of the same coin.

everyone thought automatically that this was an Islamic attack tells us much. The
thing is that there is still a very real chance of further terrorist attacks in
Western Europe, and an equally very real chance that they will be perpetrated
by Islamic extremists. We now have to take into account that others also have
wickedness on their minds.

This savage
act of terrorism tells us only that our democracy and freedoms are being
attacked by more than one enemy. Only a madman could have done this. Trying to
rationalise the irrational as I have seen some try to do is a mistake.

The alleged
links of this madman with the EDL, Fjordman, Gellar, Geert Wilders etc will be
drummed into every part of our concesness by the left until they become inseparable.
Incidentally tarring everyone with the same brush which is exactly what they
accuse the right of doing. This is a very dangerous tactic by the left and
could turn disastrously wrong for them.

validity of responsible anti-immigration and anti-Islamic politics is not
changed.  Indeed when the dust has
settled it would be worth examining the roll the left has played in demonising
responsible discussion on these subjects and the influence that has had on the
political landscape.

Not now
though.   For now we must only think of the people of
Denmark and those that have lost their nearest and dearest.  

Klein Verzet zei

Wise words indeed, FH

Jinjirrie zei

Racism, sexism, able-ism, bigotry, prejudice and the white/ethno supremacism behind the rejection of multiculturalism are dangerous whomever entertains them. It is in the afflicted atmosphere created by these political expressions that violence simmers to the boil.

Ferdy zei

Some more details about the terrorist:


Klein Verzet zei

Thanks Ferdy. I'm working on a post and this will fit in quite nicely.

Klein Verzet zei

Eeeermh... okay?

Gary Rumain zei

Really? A mad man? Far too much hyperbole for my tastes. I keep thinking of the film Network. "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more!"

Matthew Phillips zei

How do you feel about Page 704 of 1518 of his Manifesto, "When I first started writing as Fjordman I focused on how to “fix the system.” I’vegradually come to the conclusion that the system cannot be fixed. Not only does it havetoo many enemies; it also contains too many internal contradictions. If we define the“system” as mass immigration from alien cultures, Globalism, multiculturalism andsuppression of free speech in the name of “tolerance,” then this is going to collapse. It’sinevitable." Fjordman is referenced over three dozen times, more than any other source.  Your writing obviously influenced this individual into an extreme reaction.

Klein Verzet zei

First of all: I'm not Fjordman. I don't speak for him. I can't speak for him, because I'm not him.

Second, that paragraph that you cite speaks of a system, the current system, as internally contradictory and hence, unsustainable. At some point it will collapse under its own weight. No outside 'help' is needed.

Neither I nor Fjordman ever wrote anything that suggests, calls for, or mandates the crimes perpetrated by Breivik. That was Breiviks invention, and his alone. I have stated before that killing anyone for the convictions they hold is beyond the pale.

Elsewhere Breivik has been described as a natural-born killer looking
for a reason, an ideology. I think here is a grain of truth in that.

I feel grief for the loss of life. But if you are looking for feelings of guilt you've come to the wrong place. There is no rational way whatsoever anyone can pin the blame for this atrocity on Fjordman, or those (like me) who agree with him.

Other then the superficial similarities in views on the current predicament of the West would seem to suggest, Breivik is a completely different creature from Fjordman or me. And it offends me that you come here to suggest otherwise.

Free Movies Online zei

racial discrimination, chauvinism, can-ism, bigotry, prejudice and white / ethno Lord behind the rejection of multiculturalism dangerous man to entertain them. It is undermined by the political climate created by these expressions of violence simmer in a bubble.


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