Unexpectedly frank

Martin Jay is a veteran foreign correspondent who has worked extensively in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for most major international TV networks. Currently he's working for Al Arabiya, an employer for which he penned a piece entitled: Europe’s bold project is not a peep show, but a sinking ship…let’s get an Italian clown to play with the deckchairs.

For an article in the MSM, it is unexpectedly frank about the current state of the EUnion. And what he says is quite heartening for all those that are not 100% in love with the idea of being governed by a bunch of post-democratic civil servants.
Speaking at a high-profile Brussels conference recently Van Rompuy, a self-professed federalist who looks and speaks like a depressed dentist experimenting with dodgy barbiturates, made a strong defense of the EU. Oh yes he did. The former Belgian PM said, “As long as a club attracts new members it means it is in good shape.” New members? We’re only talking about Croatia here, a former Yugoslavian country famous for being Hitler’s favorite puppet and the only country he annexed where he had total confidence in its people to do a more thorough job of rounding up and gassing Jews than the Fatherland itself.
Mr. Jay is not optimistic about the mid-term chances of survival of the EUnion, observing that:
There is a pattern of discontent that is getting noticed by European leaders. Bailing out the Greeks has seriously damaged the credibility of the whole project and many leading figures are already worried about the next European vote in 2014 being the electoral equivalent of brewer’s droop. Now former boom-economy darlings of the EU, like Spain – which after joining in the mid-80s experienced a massive transformation of its public sector – are now sticking two fingers up to the rule book. This is the beginning of the end, as soon the giants – France and Germany – will be forced to infringe more EU laws just to satisfy local unrest. Then the project will start to look about as stable as a spastic trying to repair a broken TV with a bowl of jelly. It will wobble, in other words, which is the real fear for our man Romple Stiltstkin and his mates.
Dr. North thinks sees a break-through, noting that Jay has done a remarkable thing here, writing in a fresh and entertaining fashion on a theme – the collapse of the EU - that is so desperately familiar that most of us are bored witless even thinking about it.

But while we silently rejoice in the inevitable down-fall of all those pretentious gits inhabiting those building on Rue de la Loi, it may be time to start thinking about what should come after. What do we do when Barosso, van Rompuy and nurse Ashton no longer matter?

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