The difference between the “Left” and the “Right” in modern European parliamentary democracies is laughable. Should the VAT be raised to 20% or 21%? Should we import 100,000 or 120,000 Muslim immigrants per annum? Should we cut the military budget to 1% of GDP, or would 0.5% be more appropriate to our peace-loving democracies?

Any political opinion that is truly different, that would address fundamental questions about state policy — or indeed question the size and nature of the State itself — is considered beyond the pale. Despite pervasive multicultural indoctrination, there are still people who believe that the European Union is an oppressive hegemon, that sovereign independent nations are the best political structures, and that the mass importation of totally alien peoples into Europe is a dangerous mistake. Those who hold such opinions are placed outside the bounds of polite society. They are labeled “right-wing extremists”, “racists”, “fascists”, and “neo-Nazis”. The thoughts they think are simply not permitted.
The Baron, in rare form, on the present-day European political climate.

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johndoe124 zei

Let the right have fascism, let the left have socialism and leave the center for the only political philosophy that protects the individual from the State: classical liberalism or Libertarianism.