A heavy dead hand

In the Daily Mail this Sunday we find a accurate and worrying description of how the 'ever closer union' of the EU take its shape (which, as far as I know, is a first in the MSM anywhere). A special place is reserved for the 'beneficial crisis' so beloved by the EUnion.
One powerful Eurocrat, who is today at the epicentre of EU affairs, once described to me the three great crises the EU has experienced since 1991 in exactly these terms(...).

The root of our present collective peril lies in the fact that the euro single currency was consciously created to produce just such ‘beneficial crises’(...).

The result of ‘beneficial crises’ over the past 60 years has always been ‘more Europe’. He also used another image for me, and a telling one: ‘To get a horse to jump a hedge, you have to frighten it.’
(h/t Calling England)

That includes breaking the rules the EUnion has set for itself, as Mark Wadsworth explains:
The ongoing assault on the basic rules of liberal democracy has been the defining feature of the euro crisis. The treaty to establish the new European Stability Mechanism is the best example of this fundamentally undemocratic approach … it may be European but legally it stands outside the EU.
(h/t WfW)

And just how suffocating the dead but heavy hand of the EUnion is weighing on victims like Greece is spelled out by GermanForeignPolicy.com.
Because of Germany's austerity dictate, EU and IMF supervisors are, in fact, now ruling Athens. Recently a leading German daily columnist wrote, "for months now, elected Greek representatives have been prevented from making their own decisions on any questions of significance." A parliamentarian publically posed the question, "what was he supposed to do now in Parliament, when, in any case, every decision is going to be taken by the IMF, the EU and the European Central Bank. As a matter of fact," concluded the commentator, "for the time being, Greece will be merely a restricted democracy. The Greeks can vote for whatever they want, but it will not really change anything."
And that other highly visible victim, Ireland? Well.... (h/t ATW)

Tonight on Dutch TV, Guy Verhofstadt, one of the ├╝ber-Eurocrats stated: "National identity is a criminal concept that ultimately leads to gas chambers". What is an effective defence against such historically ignorant stupidity?

These people are out to destroy the diversity and vibrancy of our European continent. They want to replace it with one grey, mediocre government to rule us all. And they're willing to plunge us all into destitute tyranny and servitude to get their way. The EUnion must be destroyed.

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WitteringWitney zei

Nice collation of posts and thanks for the link KV!

DP111 zei

Quote:  "National identity is a criminal concept that ultimately leads to gas chambers". What is an effective defence against such historically ignorant stupidity?

 These people are out to destroy the diversity and vibrancy of our European continent. They want to replace it with one gray, mediocre government to rule us all.


Every attempt to create a unified Europe has led to civil war, and then progressed to world war. In each case tens of millions died, and the number dislocated greater. In the last attempt by the Nazis, it lead to gas chambers, but that not as a direct consequence but because of the Nazi hatred for Jews. However, the forced unification of Europe, even over a limited period, allowed the Nazis to implement their Jew hatred over a larger area with greater numbers murdered, then would have been the case if a "unified" Europe had not existed.

The creation of a stultifying and monolithic EU has all the ingredients to set the ball rolling in the wrong direction, even though the EU is not malign empire - unintended consequences.

The symbol of the EU is a ring of stars - one ring to rule over them. How apt. So who is going to take the ring and cast it into the fire. Who is going to be Gandalf or Aragorn? 

Geert Wilders has that hobbitt look about him, so he could be Frodo.

DP111 zei

The consequences of using the Third World as a baby manufacturing factory, through immigration or adoption, are the end of the First World. You can outsource your energy production to countries that hate you and finance a wave of global terrorism. You can outsource your manufacturing and industry to countries that hate you and lose much of your economy and gain a powerful new enemy. But when you outsource your population replacement to peoples that hate you-- then you're gone.

A country can survive anything but its own self-inflicted genocide. And low birth rates combined with population replacement amount to that. Suicidal genocide by a civilization that no longer thinks there's any reason to go on.

The West has subsidized population booms in the Third World with its medicine and its aid. Now it's subsidizing its own population replacement by them. Uncle Sam, John Bull and Madam Liberty are sitting in a skyscraper somewhere with pistols to their heads, cheerfully making plans for their farewell parties. The parties will have a very diverse invitation list. And the evening will end with the suicide of the cultures that contributed so much to the world in the last 500 years.


Morningstar zei

And in the darkness bind them.

Klein Verzet zei

Thanks, Dave, and you're welcome.

Klein Verzet zei

DP & MS,

It really does seem at times we're living in that kind of time.

DP111 zei

Good one.

Morningstar zei

Recently I saw something about a new skyscraper that is planned to be the highest in the world with it's 1000 metres. I don't remember what country it was, just some arab one. The design of it made it look like the spitting image of Sauron's tower as depicted in the movies. Could it be more creepy than that? It suggests that Anti-Christ is going to be someone from MENA, just like Nostradamus suggested.

DP111 zei

Sauron's tower was just the tower of Babel.

The EU is also building a tower, but this time with Euro cards.