Losing Malmo

And Brussels, and Rome, and Amsterdam . . . by Andrew C. McCarthy
Do you remember the jihadist terror campaign that ravaged Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city? Do you recall the bombings, the suicide-hijackings, and the random assassinations that finally coerced the city to surrender to Islamization?

No? Funny, I don’t remember them either. Yet there is no question that Malmo has surrendered. Large enclaves of the city, like similar enclaves throughout Western Europe, have earned the dread label “no-go zone.” They are unsafe for non-Muslims, particularly women who do not conform to Islamist conventions of dress and social interaction. They are especially perilous for police, firefighters, and emergency-medical technicians.

Why would a community discourage the so-called first-responders? After all, the top priority of law-enforcement officers is to assist crime victims. In an Islamic enclave, a high percentage of these will be Muslims. And obviously, the fire department and the ambulances are dispatched to save lives — here, Muslim lives. Yet, the community is hostile. The police and other emergency personnel are viewed as agents of the non-Muslim state. Their presumptuousness in entering the Islamic enclave and acting under the color of Swedish law is taken as an affront to Islamic sovereignty.

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(h/t Mark Tapson)

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Morningstar zei

Don't forget Oslo who already consists of 40% arselifters already. Noy very strange ABB got desperate.

Sue Jameson zei

You know, this is being done to us on purpose. Britain has many no-go areas now. It's to keep us distracted and bickering amongst each other so we don't notice how our politicians and the EU are bleeding us dry!

DP111 zei


One thread, adjacent to the Pat Condell thread, seems to be AWOL.

Klein Verzet zei

Which do you mean?

DP111 zei

It was this one

Dutch Prime Minister: “Islam is the problem


Tracing it, I posted on this a couple of days ago. Maybe you linked to it, and I got the impression that it was a new thread.

DP111 zei

At last some truth from a mainstream broadcaster.


Klein Verzet zei

Thanks DP, just blogged it.

Philip Zhao zei

Dearbornization is spreading !