Shitty state

On this blog we've visited the absurd disconnect between citizens victimized by crime and the government and assorted NGO's before. Today brought us the latest attempt to victimize crime victims even further. From Privacy body cracks down on 'catch a crook' websites.
Shop keepers and others who place films and photographs of people they suspect of committing crimes on websites risk being fined up to €25,000 under new privacy legislation currently being drawn up, the AD reports on Monday.

The national privacy watchdog CPB is closely involved in drawing up the new rules which will be ready by the autumn. The aim is to stop private individuals 'naming and shaming' crime suspects.

CPB chairman Jacob Kohnstamm told the paper that everyone who infringes on other people's privacy, whether or not a crime suspect, could face a hefty fine.

And major internet companies like Google and Facebook could be fined millions of euros if they infringe on people's privacy. At the moment, the CPB can only levy provisional fines.

There have been a number of incidents recently of shop keepers and others using the internet to spread photographs of people they say have committed crimes.
I am not even going to analyse this, or comment on it (much). This is so absurd and blatantly anti-citizen it only reinforces the impression that those that assume to rule us do not deserve to do so. Worse, they do not even attempt to justify their position, their considerable pay, their very existence. They sit in their office, they play with their notions, without any advanced thinking on what they are sowing, what they will some day end up reaping. And reaping they shall, it is inevitable.

But until that time ordinary citizens like you or me will have to suffer under a police and judicial system that does not know how to tackle crime (overall percentage of cases solved last year was well below 10%. And I am being generous here, because I can't find the 2-3% quote I once read), but is very attentive about the privacy of those that rob us, abuse us and kill us for our hard earned possessions. To the point of robbing us from a further 25 grand if we decide to do something ourselves, to do something the police and judiciary simply refuse to do.

What a shitty state we find ourselves in nowadays.

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