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But the times have changed. Powell had to prophesy his “Tiber foaming with blood”. We, on the other hand, have already experienced the fires of Tottenham and Croydon. Moreover, the public mood is different from the acquiescent and deferential electorate of the Sixties. We are undeceived. We are tired of being cheated and lied to by bankers and MPs and some sections of the press.

We will not continue, I think, to tolerate being lied to and cheated in the matter of race. Instead of “not in front of the children”, we want honesty.

But this is only the beginning.
David Starkey in the Telegraph. And to all the Hague and Brussels and other seats of power: Take heed!

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Dymphna zei

Hmm...so "But this is only the beginning" isn't seditious? When *we* say that the Left screams "Hate Blog". Even those on the Right cannot differentiate between descriptive and normative language. Most dispiriting sometimes...

Klein Verzet zei

Don't sweat it too much. For now the Left has the megaphone, but on the ground (here in our damp corner of the world at least) it sounds ever more tinny.

Remember: First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then... (h/t Mahatma Ghandi)