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An interesting and important observation by Dr. North in the wake of the UK riots: A healthy reaction.
This is the good news - that people are banding together to protect their own property and environs. (...)

The merit of such an option is that it formalises (and legitimises) community action – allowing people to take part in the protection of their property without fear of intervention by the police. In effect, it reinforces the idea that a community problem might best be dealt-with by the community. The best police response might be to invite and organise a community response – and then back it up.
The police is limited in time and resources. The first line of defence of our communities is us, banding together, providing mutual support.

We would do well to remember this: It is up to us.

[UPDATE001] This is what I mean:

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Ferdy zei

What is wrong with the police, why can’t they stop this? As we know from Norway and the Netherlands, a single deranged shooter can stop a terrible high number of people. But in London criminal gangs can attack people, plunder shops, ransack streets and burn logistic centers, burn shops and even burn houses without a single shot being fired. Apparently is the life and safety of regular folks of less worth than that of violent thugs.
So why is it that the police can’t use their violence monopoly? Why can’t we fight any more for what is right in order to keep the world a safe place? Why can’t fight terrorist? Why can’t we fight pirates? We cannot even fight looters anymore? There is something deeply wrong with our societies.
The only one who can protect themselves in these lawless conditions in the absence of the rule of law is the tribal man. His tribe will protect him against the mobs of the other tribes. Not exactly something to celebrate and certainly not a substitute for the right of self-defense. As the right to self-defense should be guaranteed within the law, not by its absence!
I guess London now shows a government that is dysfunctional. A government that is not up to do its most basic and most import tasks: provide security. It’s going to the hard, it’s legitimacy. But so far, they don’t seem to act as if their legitimacy is under attack.
The media reports are also show us what’s wrong with our attitudes. Just see how they report about this Mark Duggan who was shot by the police. They report his dead is still under investigation and it remains to be seen what actually happened, as if the police was wrong. But is this how one should report about the arrest of an armed gang member from a violent gang who is shot during an arrest by a special police unit in a gang murders investigation? The media loonies now even make a big point about that this thug did not fire his loaded firearm while being shot by the police. As if it’s not a good thing the police officer shot him before he could pull the trigger! No, they complain that the police officer was shot by his own ricochet instead of being shot by the gang member. Apparently the media thinks that a violent criminal who is suspected of murdering others should get all the benefits of the doubts, but that a police officer who is trying to keep him of the street is not to be trusted. Any mistakes the police officer makes, any misjudgment and the police officer must hang. It’s the world upside down.
It’s like we are living in a B movie I remember seeing a long time ago. It was a bad B-movie with a very implausible plot: all NY gangs were ganging up and in a big meeting in central park and decide to work together and they turned NY in big mess by start ransacking the whole city. Amazingly enough the B-movie has become reality, UK gangs apparently have an extensive network via secure blackberries and now join up to loot and no less important to have fun, just like in that stupid B-movie…
Some interesting background about the gang background of these attacks can be found here:

Ferdy zei

It's just crazy, PC gone mad. See also this known UK story (In The Netherlands we have simmilar stories like it):

DP111 zei


A Nation of What

The London riots are yet another episode in the slow disintegration of Europe. London is no longer an English city, it’s just another pin on a map. Much of London is a bunch of Third World cultures living in a geographical area that they have no cultural or emotional connection to. The culture around them is as shamelessly materialistic, vulgar and violent as anything in the dark ages– with the occasional tip of the hat to politically correct values involving the environment or tolerating gay people. And the same goes for the rest of Europe’s capitals. Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels and Oslo are all obvious examples.

The real showdown in London was not between opportunistic rioters and the impotent police, but between African looters and Asian storekeepers fighting a purely materialistic battle. And if the UK’s immigration trends do not change, in a generation or two, the battle will have a much more open character. A struggle for ownership of the city.


DP111 zei

Our elites got it into their heads that our civilisation was universal and not specific to a people with a predominantly Judea-Christian root.

On that assumption they imported tens of millions of people who never had any such idea, if not downright hostile to it. Now we are paying the price.

The civil war has begun, and just like in the Balkans, is set to last for the foreseeable future.

Klein Verzet zei

My Lord, that's a depressing read...

Morningstar zei

I would like to add Stockholmistan to that list...

Ferdy zei

UK police failed, but I like this picture:

DP111 zei

Many commentators are elated that communities such as Sikhs, Kurds, Turks,
and Muslims in general, organised themselves to defend their community. At
first sight, this is re-assuring. But on further thought, what we are see is
that these communities were not defending England and its culture, but
territory they now regard as their own.  That territory then becomes Sikh
or Islamic as the case maybe - in effect, the Balkanisation of England. The same
is likely to happen in many European countries.


Though I'm very critical of the police setting themselves against the
proposition that communities organise their own defence, as I support the idea
of community self-defence if it was defending the nation as a whole. In the
present circumstance in Europe, that proposition though leads to furthering and legitimising the
breakup and Balkanisation of England.

DP111 zei

Thanks for that.

I really do not want to think of Sweden - that once most beautiful country, now reduced to a vassal state of the Calliphate. 

DP111 zei

The reason that the police now need re-assurance that they wont be charged with overuse of force, is because they have completely lost the trust of the majority of the law abiding people. This trust which the British people had in the police, was greater then anywhere in the world. But over the last three decades, the police have themselves abused that trust to such a point, that people regard the police as much as the enemy, if not greater as they are legal, then criminals. 

Please read Richard North's articles over the last 6 months on this issue.  

DP111 zei

Here is an article on the police in the UK


Our police are not trusted any more. So why SHOULDN'T Dave ask America's top
cop to run the Met?




It’s mild in comparison to the reality. Richard North at EU Referendum is
far better researched and knowledgeable on the subject.


The trouble in the UK
is that the state has become a collection of huge bureaucracies that are not
answerable to anyone, including our elected MPs. The news today is that the
ACPO chief has told the Home Secretary that she has no power to order the
police. In effect, the police chief has told the Home Secretary that she has no
powers, and that the Chief constable is the sole authority on police


A similar situation pertains right across other state bureaucracies. The
NHS, the largest, is a law in itself, where the patient is simply a
necessary nuisance. Education, Ministry of Defence, Foreign office, the
judiciary, and even the BBC, and many more, are a law unto themselves. They are
state funded centrally, and as such have the resources, both financial and bureaucratic, to
resist any encroachment on their territory. The citizen is a neutered pawn in
this vast bureaucratic fiefdom. Orwell's 1984 is now well entrenched in the UK. 


It is for this reason that Richard North, Wittering from Witney, Raedwald,
and others, are now campaigning for Localism. That is, all powers removed from
the centre, and placed in the hands of citizens at the parish level - similar
to Switzerland,
where all matters, particularly those of taxation and spend, is in the hands of
the people at the cantonal level - it is their/our money. Once the people get their hands on how their own money is to be spent, all bureacracies, including the police chiefs and judges,  will be brought to heel, and answerable to the people who pay them. In the USA, this approach is gathering pace with the birth of the Tea party - ordinary law abiding tax payers. It is why the oligarchs and their MSM handmaidens, the NY Times etc, are so searingly against the Tea party.

Albert8184 zei


Quit being deceived.  The police are not doing anything because they are being told to stay static by leftists in key positions of power who are hellbent on discrediting the conservative government.  They are being held back so that these riots can be blamed on the conservatives, as well as the "ineffective" response.  So, blame THEM for allowing private property to be destroyed in the name of their sick "revolution."

This should be a clear warning bell of the dangers of a state that is working against the people and uses the power of law enforcement to pacively or militantly harm the populace.  And the cops will do what they have to do, if they want to keep their jobs.

Albert8184 zei

I would be surprised to hear that non-white businesses and communities are being attacked.  This would seem to be counter-intuitive to the leftist sentiments.  Unless these just happen in the course of the chaos, by people who haven't got a little "mixed up" about who their targets are.

Klein Verzet zei

This should be a clear warning bell of the dangers of a state that is working against the people and uses the power of law enforcement to pacively or militantly harm the populace.

Now, this is an observation that bears repeating over and over (and over) again.

Morningstar zei

The only time they will clamp down hard with an iron fist, is when the citizens start to defend themselves against the rioters. Of course they will arrest and kill dissenters and not rioters.