Gates of Vienna asks the question: How Does a Totalitarian Democracy Avoid Responsibility? The answer: They scapegoat.

In this case this is about Norway trying to come to terms with the Breivik atrocity, while simultaneously avoiding the awkward questions it raised. The best way to do that is to single out one person, tangentially connected to the case and not very well connected or powerful, and make him the focus of your hatred. Vlad Tepes broke the story to a wider audience:
The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten includes the following picture [p. above] in the article about a new comedy series which debuted last night on Norwegian state TV, NRK. One of the characters chosen for the comedy show (The Social Welfare Office) was a person named ”Fjordland”, a paraplegic who lost the ability to speak. He’s also typecast as a Nazi and was featured in their the “angry young man special”.
Apparently, the Nazi Fjordman is a new “recurring character” they have just introduced on their show, a running gag if you will.

The story originates at Tundra Tabloids, who also has a clip from the show, with EN subtitles. I am not going to reproduce it, because it is too vile, too gross. I feel tainted just handling the embedding code. Kudos to Vlad and TT for having the stomach to put it up. Go here or here if you want to see it.

Gates of Vienna is not only disturbed, but also slightly worried. I have no proof of my theory, Dymphna writes, but from all appearances it would seem they plan to have Fjordman take the fall for Breivik’s behavior. Here are the steps by which I believe Fjordman will be criminalized and imprisoned.
Get the picture? Prepare the public, pull Fjordman in, arrest him for “aiding” the killer with his ideas, and…can you hear the prison door slamming behind him? I can. Nice and neat. The public’s been softened up informed about Fjordman’s complicity. So there will be no one left to complain in this nice consensus society when the judge gives Fjordman five years or so in prison for his responsibility in all those murders.
It may sound a little paranoid. Then again, even paranoiacs have enemies. We all remember the Norwegian left being awfully (some would say 'gleefully') quick accusing Fjordman of being Anders Breivik, don't we?

Be that as it may, the clip featured on Vlads blog ranks right up there with the 10:10 'splattergate' video in terms of vileness and contempt for humanity. Funny, isn't it, how it is always the same side of the political spectrum that comes up with this sick and twisted, dehumanizing dreck passing for humour? This then is apparently what passes for open exchange of ideas in Norway. My God, but I never suspected it to be this bad. What despicable new depths are explored by our Scandinavian brethren.

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DP111 zei

This is sick.

On the practical level, it is an attempt to transfer the blame from where it really lies, to one person.

It will not work.

Philip Zhao zei

I miss him ! Reading his File has been my daily homework !

DP111 zei

Think tanks suggest in a report that the government should tackle the EDL in much the same manner as they tackle Jihadist groups.

The second report, EDL: Britain's New Far-Right Social Movement, published by Northampton University's radicalism and new media research group, charts the rise of the English Defence League.

It says the government's Prevent strategy should no longer be seen as offering alternatives to those who might be tempted into terrorism by al-Qaida and like-minded groups, but that the strategy should also tackle rightwing extremism.

The authorities are worried that they will be held responsible for the failure of Muslim integration, and the consequent social unrest. So they are looking at convenient fall guys.