Blogging does not come easy these days. You, dear reader, must gave noticed by the lack of (quality) posting on KV. At least, I conclude you must've, because KV's readership has been declining even as I try to keep up a fairly regular schedule. That tells me that what I am blogging is actually not that interesting. And far from being angry or disappointed about it, I agree. Blogging has been light, both in terms of frequency and in terms of quality.

The explanation is quite easy: I am quite literally mesmerized by events unfolding before our eyes.

It's not as if there isn't any stuff to blog. There is, and plenty of it. Just browse a couple of back issues of Underdog News. It's just that I don't know what to make of it all any more. Up until a few weeks and months ago the world was relatively straightforward. It was steadily moving in a certain direction. One I did not necessarily agree with. But at least I could work out the direction the world was travelling and why I did not agree. But the last few weeks that trajectory has been broken. It has become chaotic and unpredictable. 'Fluid', as the modern vernacular would have it.

On the surface much of it seems the same. Work and life still get in the way of blogging. Bills are paid, wages are earned and taxes taken away. The EUnion is still trying to take over our lives. As is islam, both at home and abroad. The forces of the multi-cul are trying to hold the centre. And increasingly desperately so, as evidenced by our latest Fjordman item.

But something has changed, something is shifting. The old paradigms, comfortable for their familiarity, are dead or dying. They are being replaced with something else. Something the character of which I don't understand, even superficially. Below the surface a tension is building. I sense it and doing the rounds on the 'Net, one cannot fail to notice more people are sensing it.

Our politicians are scurrying to and fro, making their grandiose pronouncements. But at this particular point in time, the utterings, as well as those uttering them, seem to be inconsequential noise. While our elites are keeping up appearances, the world at large is waiting with bated breath for the other shoe to drop. Our elites seem to have completely lost the plot, are left behind, have been overtaken by events. But they are not yet able to recognize their world is ending. What they say and do in this strange era has no bearing on the real world, doesn't even make sense.

And thus it is that I have, at this point in time, very little sensible to say about the news that comes to us. It seems that all I can do is observe and relay the stories of the day, chronicling the demise of the world as it took shape in the 20th century. Or do my limited bit of chronicling, anyway.

These days, I can only watch, with awe and not a little trepidation, as something momentous and quite literally historic is coming over the horizon. When we finally see its exact shape, maybe we'll have a better understanding. Perhaps I'll get my bearings back soon. But for now, the world just doesn't make any sense. At all.

[UPDATE001] Same sentiment, but much better expressed. And a lot funnier: Mark Steyn: 'It's the end of the world as we know it', sang the popular musical artistes R.E.M. many years ago. And it is.

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Durotrigan zei

KV, I note that your feeling appears to be quite widespread. A number of blogs to which I was a regular visitor have recently closed down, including this week the Spanish blog 'La Yihad en Eurabia'. I agree that the sheer pace of events is becoming overwhelming, and the pace of change appears to be quickening. There is so much to blog about that it can all become overwhelming, and like you, I have often of late found myself almost paralysed by this deluge. Generally speaking, the news is terrible, and I fear that it is going to get a lot worse.

Depressingly, here in the UK nationalists still have no credible political vehicle, and I have an uncomfortable apprehension that the militant Left is waiting in the wings, backed by the trade union movement, to step in should the economy collapse completely. If they do, it could be the end of us. A radical new solution is required that rejects globalism and embraces a Europe of free nations united in a mutual defence pact (no more NATO). Anyway, quite what I mean by this can wait for a later post. Keep up the good work and don't throw in the towel!

Klein Verzet zei


Thanks for the kind words. Not to worry, this isn't me announcing I'm packing it in. Just jotting down some thoughts that have been bothering me the last days and weeks.

RE: that credible political vehicle: Have you seen this. Early days yet, and not past the embryonic state, but it might just be the alternative you're looking for.

Klein Verzet zei


Thanks you. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't angling for a pat on the back or anything. As for Google manipulating the numbers: I've a number of stat-trackers and the all show the same.

So maybe it's the blogosphere changing, with the big guns consolidating while us little guys are  relegated more and more to the fringes. Nah well, I've no plans to shut down my 'puter just yet.

Philip Zhao zei

This is a high stardard informative and educational site. However, it's  heavily Euro-oriented. I wonder if this site could expand its horizon so as to educate me on  a broader front as I am a 80-yo Chinese.

Philip Zhao zei

Just one more thought. One Chinese old saying: A small stone thrown into the pond can creat endless ripples !!

Alfred Ordinary zei

"And thus it is that I have, at this point in time, very little sensible to say about the news that comes to us." I appreciate the view that you take and that you pull in some different information, however, the end of blogging may be closer than you think if the Commission gets its way. Don't miss this little aside from the 'International Law Prof Blog'
"European Union Considers Creation of European Crimes
Under the two-year-old Lisbon Treaty, the EU is authorized to create EU crimes with a definition of the crime that would be uniform throughout the EU and with specified minimum penalties. The European Commission is considering this politically sensitive issue this week. It has suggested that it may develop rules for particularly serious crimes where results in individual member states are not satisfactory, presumably because much of the criminal activity is not contained within one member state. The European Commission wants to put an end to criminals seeking out member states with less harsh punishments. "  http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/international_law/2011/09/european-union-considers-creation-of-european-crimes.html
I'm just reading about some of Hitler's efforts, in the 1930s, to quell opposition. It all starts in small changes to legislation that first divides then picks off and imprisons opponents. How long before there is a law "curing" people of their 'irrational' obstruction of the EU's aims through non pro-EU blogs? As CS Lewis prophesised "Such a 'cure' will, of course, be compulsory; but under Humanitarian theory it will not be called by the shocking name of Persecution."

Gary Rumain zei

I suppose one of the key issues would be focus. What is the purpose of this blog? There's no clue provided and the posts only seem to suggest a few things. Perhaps determine your focus first and then take it from there.

Klein Verzet zei

That is actually a good point. Some time ago I started on an 'About' page with exactly that aim. But it didn't go anywhere precisely because, other then providing a outlet for my frustration with current events, I don't have a clear picture of what the purpose of this blog is. Must pay a little more attention to this aspect.

Fifteen Heretics zei

I can’t
help coming back to my old mate Kondratiev and his long wave theory of economics
(and by a round about route history). Put another way: we’re due for something

I agree
with  Durotriganin that the reds pose a massive
threat. They have probably not been this strong for donkey’s, certainly in
Britain. They are mobilised, organised, radicalised and well funded.

KV you put
it perfectly. The situation is becoming fluid. The great thing about fluidity
is that outcomes become less certain. Even for the reds.

Also, I can’t
imagine you would be thinking about chucking in the towel. If you are: don’t!

Fifteen Heretics zei

Duro, there are a number of possibilities for a political vehicle for British nationalists but after the BNP fiasco we have one big-ish toxic party and a number of smaller ones all determined to beat the crap out of each other. At one point we are all just going to have to make a choice and get on with what we have.
But look at the opinion polls: 42% will vote labour (under FPTP) for Christ sake. Are people really that stupid?
maybe when the situation becomes 'fluid'as KV puts it, more folk will wake up.  

Klein Verzet zei

Not to worry, I'm not. Just explaining the lack of deep posts with brimful with brilliant insights for my poor readership. Or some such...

Funny you should mention Kondriatiev. Back in 2008, when this grand party began I discovered his K-wave theory. Did a post on it too, appropriately titled: Freaking doomed. Got a mention in dispatches from Dr. North too. A minor moment of glory.

Thing is, this is not the wrath of the K-wave any more, imho. This is about the EUnion vessel, riding the wave in a state that is not seaworthy. They're not allowing everybody onto the lifeboats or call the coastguard. Instead, having run out of dedicated damage control material, they are taking the shirts of our backs to plug the holes. So, when the ship finally goes down, we'll drown naked. It's the EUnion way...

Klein Verzet zei

That's an encouraging thought. Thanks for that.

KV is rather euro-centric, I agree. That's because that's where we're from: Dutch. If I were to endeavour to keep the interest of 80-yo Chinese, into which fields would I expand?

Klein Verzet zei

Well, Lewis may well be right. Actually, I think he *is* right and the times ahead are going to be difficult for people who refuse to conform and maintain common sense and natural law. But I intend not to abide by any restriction put upon me by a government I do not recognize as legitimate.

The EUnion has no popular mandate. It rules not because of, but in spite of the people. They are a foreign power. It is not my government. I owe them nothing, least of all loyalty or obedience. Van Rompuy may regard himself whatever he likes, he is not, nor will he ever be, my president.

Gary Rumain zei

Yes, I see that a lot with a lot of blogs. If you were to focus on Dutch issues for an international audience, that would be one thing, or on one topic. The trick is to avoid ambling.