By now the news of the disruption, by a homeless muslim wing-nut, of a concert attended by queen Beatrix on Saturday is doing the rounds on the 'Net. Jihad Watch is covering here.

The man claimed to be Isa, islams interpretation of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and invited the Queen and all who attended to enter islam. He has a history of similar delusional acts, was known with the police and has now been committed, on orders of the Amsterdam mayor.

In the past this same individual has disrupted church services in the Hague, similarly standing up and inviting all those present to islam.

Members of the orchestra fled the scene as soon as it became clear that this individual spoke in the name of Allah, despite his protestations he did not have a bomb. That made me laugh, for it so delightfully illustrates what all Dutch, deep-down, think of islam (and deservedly so, given the history of the last 10-15 years alone). For all the high-minded rhetoric of 'religion of peace', when push comes to shove experience trumps ideology, evidently. There's a lesson here.

Robert Spencer sees in these events a manifestation of Eurabia:
Here is yet another indication that Islamic supremacists will not allow the Infidels to maintain their practices that are forbidden by Sharia -- such as music. Expect much more of this sort of thing in the new Europe.
While last Saturday's events signal a dismal failure by our security services to provide protection for the Queen and all those present (what if this individual *did* have a bomb?), I do not agree with Mr. Spencer that this lone, confused individual is the harbinger of imminent Dutch surrender to the forces of Eurabia.

It's a sign of the times that this individual was preaching islam, instead of the Second Coming or Lightships. But let's keep in mind that this was a delusional nutcase fulfilling his preaching mission, much like the scraggly man with the unkempt beard and incomplete set of teeth, who his warning us the end is nigh from his soap-box. Let's not make a mountain out of a molehill.

(thanks to DP111 for reminding me)

[UPDATE001] Ferdy just sent me the transcript:
I'm sorry In the name of Allah the compassionate and fully merciful
I know, I'm sorry, this is not how it's supposed to be,
but I am obliged to do this,
I've made a couple of requests, but they were skipped.
I am a servant of Allah.
He gave me the book and made me a prophet.
He has blessed me where-ever I may be.
He has enjoined me prayer and the alms.
He has made me not an arrogant [?] against my mother.
Peace be with me on the day I was born, on the day that I perished and on the day I was revived.
I am Isa mesi Jesua, Jesus Christ, whatever you want to call it.
I've come to invite you,
There's nothing to worry about, I don't have a bomb or anything. Stay seated, I am not a dangerous lunatic.
But I am a servant of Allah and I came here to invite to believe.
Believe in Allah, Ma'am, and serve him, because that is the right way.
As Ferdy noted, invitations to submit are, in islamic tradition, a preliminary stage to open Jihad. In that sense this individual's speech takes on a decidedly ominous tone.

[UPDATE002] Thanks to Ferdy we now have a version of the video with EN subtitles. I've replaced the original video. If the subtitling does not appear, you should press the 'cc' button  at the bottom of the Youtube window to switch them on.

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Durotrigan zei

Do you think she'll convert? It was a truly bizarre episode. Strange things have been happening in England too, but of a rather more sinister nature. How do you think the British police might respond to a woman being beaten by a gang of Muslim males and a coach full of Englishmen being attacked by missile-throwing Muslims? Which of them would get arrested? That's right, you've guessed it: the Englishmen of course! See videos of the Muslim mob attack on a defenceless woman and the coach here, as you'll not be seeing this in the mainstream media:

Morningstar zei

If there comes along a version with english subs, feel free to upload it because I will be delighted to spread it further if so happens.

Klein Verzet zei

Hey MS,

Keep an eye on Vlad Tepes' blog. He usually comes up right quickly with EN subtitled entries.

I'll keep an eye out and replace the vid, if I find it.

Philip Zhao zei

May Allah Save Both Queens !

Ferdy zei

Here it is, the video with English subtitles:

Klein Verzet zei

Thanks Ferdy. Just replaced the video. Nice work on the subtitling. Never realized KV is also a Youtube user ;-)