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This crisis has turned us into criminals. Who will respect politicians anymore after this? Who will trust the law if the law is not obeyed by us? We should be governed by the rule of law and by the members of the parliaments who we have ourselves chosen.

These bailouts are immoral. We are pouring our money to the bad guys: to the governments that cheated us and to the bankers that made huge profits by taking reckless risks... It’s outrageous. I say, it’s outrageous!
Timo Soini, Eurosceptic, leader of Finland’s fastest-growing political party, the True Finns, quoted by
James Delingpole in The Spectator, asking some very important questions for this day and age.

Are you lot paying attention, up there in The Hague?

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Bernd zei

To put it in a slightly larger perspective: are you lot paying attention, up there in Bruxelles?

Klein Verzet zei

True enough, true enough.