The 'cartoon' displayed above was published on (which I won't favour with a link). is a leftist corporate blog (clog) financed by public broadcaster VARA, which itself is closely tied to the PvdA (Dutch Labour) and socialist unions.

The cartoon is a reaction to Wilders' proposal to limit the active involvement in politics of our royal family. Wilders' proposal comes in the wake of the increasingly politicized Christmas speeches by our Queen, and her apparent attempts to sabotage a Dutch government involving the PVV.

The 'cartoon' is entitled 'ceremonial only' and refers to the limited role, as envisaged by the proposal, of cutting ribbons for our Royal House, as does the pair of scissors thrust into Wilders' chest by a mightily miffed Queen Beatrix.

I am not going to comment (much) on the proposal itself. I have my doubts about its wisdom, though I share the concern that the Royals should be sovereigns to all Dutch, and not just those that line up with the Queens political preferences. A proposal that would ensure a more impartial Royal family would be beneficial. But that is a matter of morality, more then it is a matter of job-description.

I will however comment on the fact that this cartoon saw the light of day at all. Yes, we have freedom of expression and the cartoonist in question is free to hold the opinion he has of Wilders. But this cartoon is a rank (and rancid) murder-fantasy. A malicious bit of 'Wouldn't it be great if ...?', that does not contribute a single bit of wisdom to the discussion or highlight an aspect of the issue many have overlooked (as is usual for a good political cartoon). I am not even going to note the evident, and jarring, lack of humour in the cartoon (well, I just did, didn't I?).

On KV we've noted the rotten, cold-hearted atmosphere in the contemporary Dutch political debate before. This putrid little cartoon seems aimed at deepening the rot, up until the point someone, somewhere will act out the malicious fantasy the cartoonist in question so delights in. But note this: It is not the right, or even extreme-right, that is contributing to this state of affairs. It is the left, the oh-so moral, social just, holier-then-thou socialists that have sunk to the dankest, most putrid depth of this particular pit. Remember, 'by the fruits of their labour shall you know them...'.

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DP111 zei

At the heart of socialism is the totalitarian impulse. That is why communists ( they now call themselves socialists or the Left), have never found it difficult to murder individuals who were opposed to their thuggery. From the justification of murder to mass murder is bit a short step, thus the socialists were the greatest mass murderers in the last century. Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot,  and Nazi( German socialists),  the whole lot spawns of Marxist socialist doctrines.

And yet we must not advocate the same treatment to socialists and Lefties, as we would then become like them. Its hard, very very hard, to love your enemies, particularly if they are supporters of a totalitarian ideology.

DP111 zei


I thought that the Queen had a purely ceremonial role. This is dangerous, as that leads to the politicisation of the state itself.

I see that the NL is in need of a Cromwell. 

Fifteen Heretics zei

Interesting! A stab in the heart like Theo van Gough.
Anyway the PVV is not the only party in Holland to want to restrict the roll of the monarchy I wonder if Soeterbroek considered showing Roemer in the same postition as Wilders?

Fifteen Heretics zei

@DP111 there's more of us that could do with a Cromwell

DP111 zei

The UK is most certainly in need of one.

Klein Verzet zei

No, not quite. The Queen is the formal head of government and the president of the Council of State (Raad van State). However, all her statements (and those of the Royal family) fall under ministerial responsibility. This ensures the royals not getting directly involved in politics, since that would make life very difficult for the cabinet in power.

But she does has influence, via her presidency of the RvS (though rarely exercised). Another avenue lies in her mandate to appoint the informateur and formateur, the former being the person responsible for investigating possible coalitions after a general election, while the latter is tasked with supervision of the actual formation of a coalition cabinet (parliamentary democracy as practised in the Netherlands virtually rules out any political party gaining an absolute majority).

That last aspect was highly visible after the last general elections, when the PVV became the second largest party in NL. Her Majesty did her utmost to prevent the PVV taking part in a cabinet by appointing informateurs that were emphatically briefed to work towards the so-called Purple+ variant: An unworkable monstrosity involving the VVD and no less then four left-wing parties. That (amongst others) is what is causing her the grief from the PVV. And that has damaged her standing with a goodly portion of the Dutch public, I dare say.

I am not sure we would gain much by instituting a republic. Granted, NL started life as a republic, although the head of state, the stadholder, was a hereditary title. I see the benefits of a national figure-head that ascends political dividing-lines. Someone the entire nation could get behind if times demand it. A president of a true republic would not be such a figure, necessarily having a political colour. The Royals could be, if they could find it in themselves the moral fibre to keep to their (highly important) calling: Impartial custodians of the Netherlands, its heritage and its citizens.

Currently, our Queen is not keeping herself to that brief. It is a deviation from her calling that endangers the utility of the Royal family. And it is what is causing the Dutch falling (slightly) out of love with the Royal family.

Klein Verzet zei

The reaction to the Wilders proposal are puzzling to begin with. Two weeks ago the leader of Labour, Job Cohen, made a proposal that was 80-90% identical, and all was fine and dandy. This time around it is not. Apparently it is the messenger, and not so much the message, that makes the difference. That's another highly unhelpful trait in the contemporary left wing of the Dutch political spectrum.

MFS - The Other News zei

Hmmmm.......influencing the left's version of Anders Behring Breivik ?Now just imagine if a right wing blog posted this pic ?

Morningstar zei

Anyone knows if Breivik mentioned Beatrix in his manifesto?

DP111 zei

EDL woman kicked when down on the street Sept. 3rd 2011

This is the Left.

Klein Verzet zei

Yes, the asymmetry is astounding. So much so, that it has become a virtual cliché to point it out. At least, I get tired of me pointing it out, again and again (and again).

DP111 zei


I suppose you have seen this

Muslim disrupts concert for Queen to preach Islam

Now they have taken to disrupt classical concerts. There is nothing that is sacrosanct. Muslims will disrupt every aspect of our lives, be it in the way above, or the hundreds of ways they are now making life ever more unpleasant for everyone.  

Klein Verzet zei

It is symptomatic, but I don't think it is that big a deal. Thanks for reminding me, though.