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A post by Gawain Towler, that is in equal measures hilarious and nauseating: A crime against good taste : and maybe against good sense.

This has got to be one of the most cringe making things I have read for a while.

Birth of a beautiful new EU citizen!
Dear colleagues,

I am very proud to tell you that the European Union has a beautiful new citizen! On the 23rd of August, I gave birth to a son. His name is --- and he's a picture of good health and happiness. My family and I are overjoyed to have him.
Kind regards,

Marije Cornelissen

Dintelstraat ---
---- -- Amsterdam
The Netherlands

MEP, Green Group
It was accompanied with a photo of said child wearing a natty European Green Party 0-6 months sized t-shirt.

This ditsy woman has just sent round a photo of her child to all the MEPs, assistants and political staffers in the European Parliament. A good few thousand in all.

Firstly, frankly madam you cloying ghastliness is of no interest to the vast majority of the recipients, its treacle spam, stop it.

Secondly by making your fortnight old infant a political object you have stripped youitrself and you child of any dignity and privacy that they should have.

And thirdly, I wonder what the good electors of the Netherlands feel that same way about your child's supposed new nationality?

You are a blithering idiot and should be laughed at from ditch and hedge.

The young child... well he is to be pitied.
What can I say? She is of GroenLinks. Making people cringe *is* their speciality.

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WitteringWitney zei

Not being at all conversant with your native language, from the link I assume that this child is first and foremost Dutch, although unsure of the parentage status. This statement is yet but another example of the brain-washing practised by the European Union and one which is becoming extremely prevalent in the UK.

Would you like her added to the list, when we finally start using piano wire? No fee required.......... :)

MFS - The Other News zei

Mijn innige deelneming in het overlijden van Nederland , ik hoop dat de nieuwe stiefmoeder  Europa beter zal zijn dan de stiefmoeder in Sneeuwwitje en de zeven dwergen.Toont opnieuw dat men niet in de 'groene' appel zou moeten bijten.

DP111 zei

What will happen to EU citizens  when the EU collapses? As it most certainly will.  

Will they become stateless?

Klein Verzet zei

Actually, I wouldn't bother. Why waste a perfectly good B-minor string? The mother in question is symptomatic (hence the item), but harmless... As Gawain noted: Ditsy.

Klein Verzet zei

Aan de andere kant: Ze is maar van GroenLinks. Daar sla je geen dikke deuk in een pak boter mee.

Klein Verzet zei

As far as I know there's still no such thing. And anyway, it'd be cruel to let the new-born suffer for the fairy-tales of its deluded parents, wouldn't it?

DP111 zei

 I was reading somewhere that we are all EU citizens, you know something like we are all Muslims according to Muslims, but have reverted or something. 

The consequence in EU law, is that we can if we so desire, give up our national citizenship, but our EU citizenship will still hold. There is, as fas as I know, no means to get rid of our EU citizenship. Again, somewhat similar to Islam, that is, you cannot become an apostate. The difference is that they are not executing EU apostates yet.

Klein Verzet zei

Now that you mention it, I seem to recall reading something like that as well. Wouldn't happen to have a link, would you?

DP111 zei

Comment by Goodnight Vienna


DP111 zei


Articles 1 and 5. Reading the whole directive, it is apparent  where the source of the current immigration crisis is. 

Morningstar zei

I refuse to be both an arselifter or EU citizen. I will always be a swede an a scanian (regional ethnicity) to my dying breath. 

Morningstar zei

How very fitting if the name their newborn son to EUgene, with just that specific spelling. Might not be so fun to wear though once the damned thing collapses. LOL