We will cure you

Today, the Turkish minister of European affairs and negotiator on behalf of Turkey, Egemen Bagis, released the following statement (pdf; emphasis mine):
A memorandum of understanding for the secondment of Turkish officials at the European Commission is signed in Strasbourg on the 28th of September, 2011 by the Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Mr. Egemen BAĞIŞ and Vice‐President of the European Commission in charge of Inter Institutional Relations and Administration Mr.Maroš ŠEFČOVIČ.

As agreed between Turkey and the European Commission, Turkish national experts will be employed at the Commission as “Seconded National Experts” and “National Experts in Professional Training”. This recent development is a ‘milestone’ for Turkey‐EU relations since through this secondment, Turkish bureaucrats will work together with the Euroaucrats in policy making and implementation of the EU politics. In other words, Turks will have a role in shaping EU's future politics and legislation.

The network created in the corridors of the European Commission and other European institutions between Turkish bureaucrats and Eurocrats, will not only contribute to mutual learning and socialization, it will also remove misperceptions and misjudgments against Turkey’s membership in the minds and hearts of some Europeans.
Remember this? It features the self-same Egemen Bagis, telling PVV MEP Barry Madlener:
Racism is a dangerous disease from which Europe suffers much. It is clear there are still people suffering from it. Mr Madlener, we will cure you.
And evidently the EUnion is going to let him.

So, the EUnion has now progressed so far beyond common sense and indeed sanity, that they will allow Erdogan and his clique influence over legislation that will make our lives miserable.

In a statement (NL) the PVV reacts angrily: The European Commission has lost its mind.
Wilders: "Erdogan recently threw off his mask, and behaved like a common war-monger. The European commission has evidently lost its mind in letting in this islamic Trojan horse at this time and letting Turks co-write EU legislation to be implemented in the Netherlands. It is time to end once and for all this charade and tell the Turks they are not welcome in the EU. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever".

Madlener: "It is an outrageous scandal that, in a time when Turkey is a security risk in the region, the European Commission tries to hasten the accession of Turkey. Turkey has been occupying for decades now a large part of full EU member state Cyprus and recently has sent warships to the European outer border. Letting in these wolves in sheeps clothing is a tragic low point in the futile negotiations currently being held. Those negotiations should be ceased definitively and the commission should withdraw this idiotic plan".
Not much to add to that. Doesn't happen very often but I now find myself in complete, 100% agreement with both distinguished representatives of the PVV.

This is a rather momentous, and monumentally daft, decision. Are they really attempting to slip this by us, now that all eyes are on the euro-crisis? What utter, utter cretins.

But that is not the important question. Seeing as I just stumbled across it while editing Underdog News and hadn't heard a peep about it before, I have a more important question: Where the HELL is our intrepid MSM? Are these babybooming, fat lazy fuckers doing this on purpose? Have they no decency at all any more? Are they really now only flaccid, limp purveyors of state propaganda? Is the fearsome Watchdog of the people quiveringly mum when its masters tell it to be quiet?

What an utter disgrace it is to be a journalist in this day and age.

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Morningstar zei

We have a foreign minister, Carl Bildt who is working hard to get Turkey into EU. The traitor Bildt is also a member of the secretive globalist club The Bilderberg Group, originally named after a hotel in your country I believe. Aside from that we also have an EU commísioner by the name of Cecilia Malmström who works hard to open up our borders for an invasion of 50 million people from MENA. I don't know if Cecilia is also a Bilderberger but they are both highly dangerous people.

DP111 zei

Is there some insanity virus or flu going around the EU offices in Brussels?

I just wonder why this new lunacy on top of all else. 

Klein Verzet zei

Yes, me too. The timing of this news could hardly have been worse. Maybe that's why this news is getting the silent treatment?

David Zimmerman zei

Why do free people rush to give it away? First they give it to a governing body that tries to represent the decent workers as well as the goof-offs. To bush your butt while people in Greece work 3 days a week has got to be galling. But to invite the Muslims into your government reminds me of Troy. Like in history, Troy parties while the enemy creeps into their walls. When will they break out the champagne??

DP111 zei


We are now moving to boiling point. All the signs point to it.

1.The Euro crisis and sovereign debt will lead to default among a number of nations, not just in the EU but outside as well

2. Sovereign debt means, no money and food shortages,   

3. Turmoil in the ME and Muslim nations - many because we in the West instigated them. It is open question whether it is by design or naivete.

4. Iran is developing nukes + threatening mayhem 

5. Turkey is going rogue. 

and Lastly.

6. France has warned Iran that if it does not stop WMD development it could be attacked 
(remember Iraq).

The top 4 can lead to war.

It should be noted, and I have done so for years, that France has always been used by the West to warn Muslim countries, that if they don't fall in line, there will be consequences. Why this is, is because it is assumed that France is kind of anti-US/UK/Anglosphere, and more understanding to Muslim concerns. It is a wrong assumption, and Iraq has fallen for it twice.

It is now only a matter of time before Iran's WMD and much else is dealt a blow. The time line is right. The best time for offensive action in that area, weather-wise, is between January and March. Both Gulf wars were launched in that period. Both Gulf wars needed a political preamble lasting around 6 months. That means political preparations have to start now. They have started.

After each of the Gulf war there was a complete change in Israeli/Arab conflict. We will see again but the balance will in shift in Israel's favour. Not just that, but this coming Gulf war will define the new world order for quite some time.

Turkey - Turkey played a duplicitous role in the last Gulf war. As a last chance, it has now been offered a role in the EU (just as it is collapsing), to tempt it not to become a hindrance to the West in its actions in Iran or elsewhere in the ME.

Lastly. The sovereign debt crisis affecting the globe, and the West in particular,  requires a major war.  It is required to distract people, to bind them in time of war, and to setup a new order.

DP111 zei

As an afterthought. The political elite have got the West and themselves into such a mess, that they too need a war. I too don't see how it can be avoided - both the internal and external dynamics are pointing to it.  Its the only way left.

Klein Verzet zei

I hope to God you are wrong. But in the silent whisky hours of the day I tend to think along similar lines. What a marvellously treacherous path we've been led down.


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