Will we ever?

I honestly don't remember what I was actually doing on that day. Given the timing I must have been busy revising texts for my PhD thesis which was due for the reading committee a month into the future. During the afternoon coffee a fellow PhD student, an Irish lad, relayed the news about a plane crashing into a New York high rise. With my limited experience in flying my first question was what the weather was like, thinking a Cessna, or some such, got lost in a low hanging cloud.

Back in the office, about ten minutes after coffee break, the same PhD student came in to tell us a second plane had hit the same building: the WTC. Those facts, two planes and the WTC, set off an alarm in my mind. I immediately went for my regular internet news outlets, but they were inaccessible, due to high traffic volume. Site after site rejected my call for more information. That alone was so ominous that I freaked out a little. Finally, logging on to a somewhat obscure current events forum, the full magnitude of events struck home. Two airliners, at least one of them hijacked, had deliberately slammed into the WTC in an apparent terrorist attack.

I went home. Work didn't matter so much all of a sudden. Instinctively I felt this was the ultimate game changer. On my way home the radio reported of a third plane crashing into the Pentagon. On top of everything else, this was the clincher. I told my car: 'The world has gone insane'. As if to confirm my statement, a few moments later (or so it seemed) I heard reports of a fourth hijacked plane crashing into a field in Pennsylvania. The world *had* gone insane.

It has been ten years. Have we regained some sanity? Will we ever?

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DP111 zei

I was at home. I actually saw the second plane strike the WTC tower live. 

I remember the white hot anger on 9/11, not just Americans, but everyone around me. In England, the anger was palpable. We have our differences, but we are united when attacked. The nation was waiting to go to war. It was obvious that 9/11 was a Pearl Harbour event, and Islamic nations would pay a price that would bring them all down. After Pearl Harbour not only did we defeat Japan and Germany, with no quarter given, but went on to crush and obliterate the ideologies that drove them. The result is a decent and democratic Germany and Japan, never again to return to their self-destructive ideologies. The actual response after 9/11 has been weak and self-defeating. The result is that Islam is empowered worldwide, and more so in America. What else can one expect when the immediate response of Pres Bush after 9/11 was to visit a mosque and proclaim that Islam is a religion of peace.

Klein Verzet zei

"The actual response after 9/11 has been weak and self-defeating".

Ain't that the truth! Watching the various (and numerous) documentaries I found myzelf day-dreaming about what could have been but never was. My Lord, but did we fumble the ball back then.