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In the UK the BBC has decided to drop referring to years as AD (Anno Domini) or BC (Before Christ) and replace them with the bland CE (Current Era) and BCE (Before Current Era). The reason given is predictably back-handed: It might offend people of non-Christian world views and it is 'in line with modern practice'.

But James Delingpole asks: Whose modern practice? This is the starting point for a discussion of the malign influence the thinking of Herbert Marcuse has within the BBC and the UK at large.
And so yet another small part of our tradition, language and culture takes a step closer to extinction. We didn't ask for it; we didn't want it; yet still it's happening because a tiny minority of politically correct busybodies have wormed their way into institutions such as the BBC and taken control.

Their goal is to create a world where Left-wing thinking – on 'fairness', on race, on sexual equality, on the role of government – becomes the norm. So far, they are doing brilliantly.

This capture of the language for political ends was exactly what George Orwell warned us of more than 60 years ago in his book 1984. In the appendix he described how Big Brother devised its language Newspeak to make it impossible for people to think in the 'wrong' way.
Evidently, much of what Delingpole writes applies not just to the UK, but to the entire West.
Thanks to the sterling work done by his acolytes, Marcuse's most fervent desires – and Orwell's darkest predictions – are coming true. There was a time when we used to complain about it – remember our outrage when nursery children were taught to sing about 'Baa baa rainbow sheep'? – but now we've grown so used to it that we tend to shrug our shoulders, mutter under our breath about 'political correctness gone mad' and accept it as the way things are.

This complacency is fatal. Great civilisations do not die from the sudden arrival of the barbarians at the gates. They succumb much more slowly than that, from the death-by-a-thousand-cuts permitted from within by those who have forgotten why their traditions and cultural values are worth defending.
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Fifteen Heretics zei

God, it's all over the place in England. If it's not the BBC its local councils renaming Christmas or Guy Fawkes night*, or banning St Georges day etc, or any government run or sponsored organisation (libraries, sports centres, museums, schools ....).
You can celebrate any bloody thing you want in any sodding language in England, as long as it's not anything to do with England or the English.

Bernd zei

The Aussies have put the same policy forth as a national policy (something I read about 2 weeks ago) Since Christmas has lost its name a few years ago (both in de US and in the UK) to the horrific "happy holidays", logically made more festive by a "holiday tree" it's easy to see how there will be a completely new year count. This must be made international (why should the Jews, Muslims and Chinese keep their own calendar based on their respective religions or whatever de Chinese calendar is based on?), thus developed and supported by the UN. As of soon, this year will be 63 a.UN. 
I'm cynical enough to see that happen.

GoodnightVienna zei

Thank you for the link, KV.

Bernd is right - it isn't only in Britain, it's happening everywhere and we all know about Agenda 21 and the UN.  Big government creates systemic corruption, world government makes it endemic and the last people to realise it are those who are most affected.

"You can celebrate any bloody thing you want in any sodding language in
England, as long as it's not anything to do with England or the English."  This is so true.  Marcuse and Alinsky are winning the battle.  I'm still pretty sure that London is a mover and shaker in this subversion.

DP111 zei


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