Compare and contrast

So... we have a government that is trying to save money. In order to do so they cut the defence budget by 1 billion euros, necessitating the liquidation of our armed forces. At the same time, this government, having to save money, spends a cool 5.3 billion on off-shore windfarms. A government, moreover, whose PM once said, while campaigning, that windfarms are useless and only 'run on subsidies'.

As Dr. North is wont to say: And the reason we all do not rise up and slaughter them is...? (via)

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DP111 zei

Speaking if wind turbines

A modern Don Quixote

Don Quixote, a hopeless romantic, lost his marbles and imagined that a monstrous beast, in the shape of CO2, was out to destroy the planet. So he set about building wind turbines to battle the monster.

Isn't it strange that many wind turbine manufacturers are in Spain. 

Klein Verzet zei

Heh, nice one...