EUnion 2100

Via Calling England we are proud to present to you: The EU 2100 Strategy . Yes, that is right, the EUnion is still convinced it will be around when the next century dawns. Or at the very least the author of this magnificent piece (pdf) is.

The author is one Iulian Oneasca. Not much is known about this character, beyond the fact that he once worked at the Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Bucharest and now works at the European Institute for Romania. Undeservedly so, for Oneasca is a brilliant mind and todays greatest humanitarian. Take for instance this insight:
[The] EU needs a life-time horizon to reinvent itself, reshape humans and heal societal and institutional structures in which they operate. (...) The passage from domination and exercise of force to global governance, the force of arguments and principles, is smooth and deliberate. This is the genuine Avatar2, the virtual projection that we are seeking for. It promotes a comprehensive approach based on the following three pillars:

  • Humans and Humanity, addressing Economy, Society and Well being;
  • Environment, aiming to Clean environment and Energy resources;
  • Interactions, Terrestrial or Cosmic.
The quest to 'reshape humanity' is quite the issue with out Iulian. And how could it not. Humans are only limited. And left to their own devices they get up to all kinds of misschief.
a. Exclusion processes, which have developed over generations through various channels, such as cultural heritage, ethnicity or religious bigotry, are strengthened by economic deprivations.
b. The human’s cultural heritage is impregnated with germs of violence, intolerance and discrimination. [...] Adding to the exclusion, these threats may be accompanied and reinforced by resurgent nationalism and right-wing extremism that will focus on foreigners and immigrants.
But Oneasca (should we call him Dr., His Excellency? What?) has the solution to all our woes: The EUnion. And not just a little EUnion, either. No, a lifetime supply of it:
Reinventing the human being may be the proper solution. It requires thorough and early interventions that may spread over a life time. EU should enhance forming its citizens and their civic spirit.
One hopes that this type of sinister and frighteningly totalitarian eccentricity is not taken too seriously. Then again, we are talking about the EUnion here. There's not a punch-line you can think of or some EUrocrat somewhere has written a position paper seriously proposing the idea.

Needless to say that the ideal of 'reshaping humanity' is at the forefront of every progressive movement since the dawn of progressivism. It was the guiding principle of collectivism and its more virulent strains (Leninism and Stalinism for instance, but Nazism and Fascism as well). It is still at the heart of social-democrat thinking on the supposed malleability of man and society. And it is utter poppy-cock. Alas though, it is the kind of poppy-cock that plunges entire peoples and nations, even continents in misery. It's the kind of poppy-cock that kills. And if you value your humanity, it should be fought tooth and nail.

If you're interested, Prof. Dr. Dr. habil. (yes, I'm making that up) Oneasca at one time cast his considerable light on the question of Turkish accession to the EUnion. When an article starts with these words...
It is only a matter of time until European becomes an obsolete denomination of the intergovernmental organisation, while its Union component will prevail. Or at least, European would be the least significant part of the name as compared to Union, which would gather a greater substance.
... you just know you're in the presence of a towering intellect and are in for an intensely pleasurable read.

My Dear Lord, why are such people not forcibly committed?

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Edward Spalton zei

It is some years since I read comments by an American academic on the NATO/EU attack on Yugoslavia, claiming that this was a significant stage on the road to a POST HUMAN society. The "primitive" Serbs were held up as an example of the dying human society and the American/European forces with their high technology weapons and rationality as the harbingers of the new dispensation.

Funnily enough, Engels had the same idea. Serbs and other primitives who had not reached sufficient social development to be ready for the proletarian revolution were also to "disappear". 

DP111 zei

My Dear Lord, why are such people not forcibly committed?


Maybe the Good Lord is trying your patience.  Compared to Job, we have along way to go.

DP111 zei

EUnion 2100 or EUstan 2100, that is the question.

DP111 zei

 The "primitive" Serbs were held up as an example of the dying human society

Then by that yardstick, we should be at war with the entire Islamic world.

Maybe we are slouching towards it.

Steve zei

I have the perfect solution for Herr Oneasca.
It is called "Glock .40"
It is an interesting solution and quite quick in its application.

Klein Verzet zei

Of course, as the proprietor of this blog, I can't condone the wanton disregard for human life as suggested by your comment.

Doesn't mean it I didn't LOL reading it...