Killing love

Reader DP111 alerted us to the story of Spanish authorities investigating the recent deaths by poisoning of more than a dozen dogs in Lérida, a city in the northeastern region of Catalonia. The city has become ground zero in an intensifying debate over the role of Islam in Spain.
Local residents say Muslim immigrants killed the dogs because according to Islamic teaching dogs are "unclean" animals.
Over the past several months, residents taking their dogs for walks have been harassed by Muslim immigrants opposed to seeing the animals in public. Muslims have also launched a number of anti-dog campaigns on Islamic websites and blogs based in Spain.

In response to the "lack of sufficient police to protect the neighbourhood," 50 local residents have established alternating six-person citizen patrols to escort people walking their dogs.

In July, two Islamic groups based in Lérida asked city officials to regulate the presence of dogs in public spaces so they do not "offend Muslims." Muslims are demanding that dogs be banned from all forms of public transportation including all city buses as well as from all areas frequented by Muslim immigrants.

Muslims in Lérida say the presence of dogs violates their religious freedom and their right to live according to Islamic principles.
Gates of Vienna picked up the story with comment by Anestos Canelides observing:
As a proud owner of a beautiful black Labrador, I was at first enraged, but then I realized that as the Muslim populations grows — not just in Spain, but in Europe and America as well — we could well see more of this barbarism. I cannot believe this group represents all Muslims, but it makes me wonder if this is the a beginning step towards forcing dhimmi status on the infidels of Lerida. Currently the largely immigrant Muslim population is 20% of the total population.
This is of course not the first time problems in muslim-dog relations have reared their ugly head (see references here, for instance). The sole justification for this inhumanity to fellow creatures is Muhammed saying 'angels won’t enter a house with a dog in it', evidently because the poor darling was afraid of them.

Whether you're a dog lover or not, there is no denying the capability, the predisposition of a dog for unconditional love to its owners and (human) pack members. Of all species humanity made it's subject and servant, dogs are truly the best friend Man can have.

Doesn't this episode show the epitome of everything that is wrong with islam? On the word of one deranged man, who shed his unfortunate coil 1400 years ago, muslims, too many of them, hold in contempt, to the point of ruthless slaughtering, the one species that civilized Man accepts as the archetype of unconditional love. In an all too literal sense they delight in killing love. Now, ask yourself if these... people... are capable of such ruthless barbarism towards dogs, what will their approach to everything else they hold in contempt? Like us, Infidels.

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Philip Zhao zei

Dogs are our good friends, and can smell the bad guys from miles away, that's why muslims don't like them.

Morningstar zei

I would much prefer to ban arselifters from public spaces. Seeing these miserable creatures offends me.