‘A Muslim can never be a Democrat’

From the KV mailbox an online video of Cities Against Islamization (CAI) concerning the spread of Islamic extremism in Europe . It is a compilation of stunning quotes by Abu Imran, the leader of the fundamentalist organization Sharia4Belgium. Among others, he declares that a Muslim can never be a democrat, that all Muslims are obliged to support terrorism as a part of Jihad, and that every insult to the Prophet should be dreadfully avenged.

These days islamic radicals and muslim radicalism have dropped off the radar a bit. Certainly on this blog. But it isn't misplaced to post a reminder every now and then that they're still here. Their goals have not changed, their demeanour hasn't softened. They're quietly continuing their subversive work. They're still dangerous. And they still must be fought.

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DP111 zei

Among others, he declares that a Muslim can never be a democrat, that all Muslims are obliged to support terrorism as a part of Jihad, and that every insult to the Prophet should be dreadfully avenged.

And that is why, no matter how many Muslim moderates the naive will claim there are, Muslims will support sharia, and thus are enslavement. The reason is obvious, apart from the religious requirement - they have nothing to loose. If they cannot implement sharia in the West, they still have all the advantages of living in a free society. If they can implement sharia, then they can lord it over the rest of the non-Muslim population. Nothing to loose.

There is no other solution but separate Islam and Muslim in/from Europe. The question is how? 

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SPAIN: Muslims carry out jihad on dogs


Ferdy zei


The problem is not even how; it’s rather a problem of
accepting there is a problem.

That 9/11 attack made some waves, but as long no bombs
explode in name of the religion of peace, most people will continue to ignore
the other signs of hate. I guess the Islamic believe system is so alien, and so
totally unacceptable hateful, intolerant and violent, that we Westerners just can’t
believe that something like that can exist in any coherent form. Also to accept
such a fright full thought is terrifying, not the ingredients for happiness. So
people rather not accept such things. I guess it’s something like accepting the
reality that Germany is going to conquer Europe; it’s just an absurd and frightening
idea, something that just does not happen.  Well, we all know how that ended…

So, I guess, people like Daniel Pipes are right, we have to
hope that the Islamic believe system will collapse under its own weight… 

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Yesterday, activists from the group Vox Populi commemorated the Battle of Tours (also known as the battle of Poitiers) in front of the basilica of Saint Martin in Tours. Charles Martel's victory in the battle is credited with having saved Europe from Mohammedanism.

They wave Touraine flags while shouting "Islam hors de l'Europe!" [Islam out of Europe!]

Why are we gathered here today? Because we have a duty to remember. ...Today in France and in Europe, there is a new invasion... the mosques, the street prayers. No more! Here, this land, is Christian! It is our home!

...Celebrate the anniversary of the battle of 25 October 732 which took place between Poitiers and Tours. For us, there is a new form of invasion in France and we need a new Charles Martel!


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You are right in your surmise. The sheer evil that is Islam, and its hell bent desire to inflict it on the rest of the world, is so bizarre, that people just will not accept it. Even after WWII, many people had a hard time to accept that Nazism was evil. Islam OTH is worse, as it has a divine being granting them paradise for their evil acts. Its just too unbelievable. Unfortunately, it is true as well.

The blame for this state of affairs lies with our ruling class elite, who have imported a totalitarian beast into the unprotected breast of Europe.