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In Egypt the much-vaunted 'Arab Spring' is asserting itself in an entirely predictable, but still intensely tragic way. Tonight Egyptian military police opened fire on a Coptic march protesting the attack on a Coptic church in Aswan on September 30, carried out by muslim Egyptians.
Police first fired shots into the air and subsequently shot into the crowds.

As the shots fired, people panicked and a military vehicle ran over protesters.
E.J. Bron carries some pretty horrific pictures of the blood bath being perpetrated on the Copts. Egypt state TV quoting health minister, reports 23 dead and 174 injured. Jihad Watch has more.

The proximate cause of this tragedy is a group of muslims setting fire to a church in a village in Aswan Governorate, 800km south of Cairo. Earlier that week a group of Salafis had warned Christians not to leave their homes in Marinab unless they removed the dome from Saint George's Church, which was restored this month.

The real scandal in this tragedy, however, is the way the European and other 'correct-thinking' MSM are treating this. Dutch NOS: A protest by by hundreds of Christian Copts deteriorated into riots. The NYT: Church Protests in Cairo Turn Deadly. The BBC is even more egregious: Egypt troops dead after Coptic church protest in Cairo.

That so-called Arab Spring is turning into a hate-fest of muslim fanatics (is there another kind? One wonders at these occasions) spring-cleaning muslim lands from any minority with a different world-view. But our MSM, infested with the flower children of years past (for Gods sake, go and enjoy your pensions, you useless swine), would rather not know that their pet project is turning into something altogether much less likeable.

If you are so inclined, say a little prayer for the Copts in Egypt. I will too.

[UPDATE001] The BBC have stealth-edited their atrocious headline, but Google does not forget. In the mean time: Underdog News threw up a couple of background pieces on the Coptic situation. From Hudson New York: Egypt Destroying Churches, One at a Time: Muslim Brotherhood: "No More Churches" and from American Thinker: Christians aren't going to take it any more in Egypt.

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DP111 zei

Only if it was a Christian military force killing a few Muslims Jihadis. Then the West would leap in with bombs away. 

If 20 or 30 Palis had been machine gunned by the IDF, and run over by military vehicles, the entire Muslim world would be screaming "massaacrrrr, genocide, holocaust". The BBC would be putting out this news 24 hours non-stop for weeks, with total condemnation of Israel. As it is, just Christians were gunned down. So what? There is no other way but partition and a separate state for Christians in Egypt, and in Iraq as well. Egypt was a Christian nation till it was brutally invaded and suppressed by Arab Muslims. If we could do it for Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo, why not now? In Kosovo, it was well known that the KLA was a drug running and women trafficking organisation, and yet NATO jumped to their side. Why the double standard now?

DP111 zei


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Yep, I know about this. I'm a little strapped for time. But I will get back to this later this week. Thanks for the heads up.