Applauding wildly - updated

Crisis all over again.

Daniel Hannan: I wish I could convey the sheer writhing horror that George Papanderou's referendum proposal has provoked in Brussels. The Slog has a whiff of e German conspiracy. Autonomous Mind thinks: This could be the start of a turning point in European history. EURef has more links and updates.

An me? I am echoing the sentiment expressed by Der Spiegel (p. above): I am wildly applauding the Greeks for their audacity.

[UPDATE001] The Slog has dug a little into the Greek referendum issue and turned up some interesting details: Revealed – How Papandreou Planned It Well In Advance.
Three weeks ago, I was picking up strong hints from well-placed Paris sources about rogue French diplomatic lines having been laid with Athens. But that move, if it was real, has seriously backfired in some way or another; perhaps the Greeks saw through the French self-interest. Their country is, after all, being sacrificed to the eurobanks’ survival. (...) It’s possible that, last summer, the Greek Prime Minister decided he had eaten enough sh*t for one lifetime, and made a principled decision to stuff the banking community.

[UPDATE002] The day democracy died in Europe... Some headlines from Underdog News:

Greece – The collapse of Democracy
Another triumph for the political elite
The EU's democracy deficit widens
A Greek tragedy?

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MFS - The Other News zei

Good morning Europe:  "This is Sparta".
I wonder what direction George Papandreou is steering by replacing military chiefs with officers seen as more supportive of him.It's been a bit over 35 Years since the last military Junta ruled Greece?

Klein Verzet zei

I read somewhere (can't remember where) the move was not so much a reaction to an imminent threat, as it was a move to give the appearance of an imminent threat. A play for sympathy. Under the circumstances I totally believe that explanation.

Edward zei

The replacement of the military chiefs has been  reported very briefly. According to other reports the EUROPEAN GENDARMERIE has been "on exercise" in Greece since October.

The likelihood of a Greek referendum will have been known since June to every state and organisation with diplomatic representation in Athens. So I think the "shock, horror, surprise" by EU leaders is pure play acting.

With the experience of the Irish referendum campaign on the Lisbon treaty behind them, the incredibly well-funded EU propaganda machine will have been making its preparations since June. In Ireland they did intensive market research on the reasons why different groups had voted "no" in the first Lisbon referendum and produced superficially  convincing counter arguments which were put across in overwhelming quantity. The disparity in funding between the yes and no sides was enormous. Additionally they warned the people that it would be economic suicide to vote no. As Dr. Anthony Coughlan of the Irish National Platform , the result was a triumph "for the fear of the people, not the will of the people".

Recent reports show Greek public opinion approximately 60% opposed to the austerity measures but nearly 80% in favour of remaining in the euro. So I think we can guess how the question may be framed.  There will be a lesson here for British and other pro-referendum campaigners about the effectiveness of EU propaganda methods.

Then the Greeks may also have the thought in their minds "If we give the wrong answer, we'll only be made to vote again - just like the Irish".

Klein Verzet zei


Apparently, the EGF rumour is just that: A rumour, based on a misunderstanding. See Keep Talking Greece for the details.

Agree 100% with you on any referendum not being fought on a level field. That isn't democracy, it is the democratic veneer on anti-democracy. Somewhat analogous to Hitler organizing 'elections' to assume F├╝hrer-ship of interbellum Germany.

DP111 zei

Greek PM cancels referendum.