A dose of cold, hard truth

Pat Condell: The Gathering Storm.
Wake up, Europe, and smell the treachery.
Must see, must listen to.

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captain2stroke zei

Fine words but is anyone listening ?
Here in the UK, the only political parties opposed to EU membership are the BNP and it's off-shoot, Britain First. They have little credibility because the media, especially the BBC, have worked tirelessly to brand them as rascist and "Nazi" organisations. The BBC is run by the same left-wing liberal elite who hold sway over our main political parties and the other organs of the media are determined no upstart political parties will come to power and thereby challenge the established political order over which they exercise so much control.
I live in Northern England . I am 60yrs of age and have discussed to EU with countless people. I do not know ONE person who is in favour of Britain's continued membership. All I have spoken to want our powers returned to us from Brussels and an end to unchecked immigration, especially from Eastern Europe, and above all from Poland. Polish immigrants have swamped the town in which I live - taking jobs, houses, places in colleges of education. I even had to listen to two Asian ( muslims ) work colleagues moaning about how they couldn't get a house of their own because Poles were buying them all !!! And God knows, there are plenty of Asians in my town - about 30,000 out of a 90,000 population.
But if you speak out against immigration, the lefties jump on you screaming "rascist". They know the immigration policies of the previous ( Labour ) government have resulted in millions of immigrants coming to the UK and don't want any publicity about how their arrival has irretrievably damaged the UK's social fabric.
Opposition to immigration is no more rascist than opposition to rule from Brussels.
We Brits want our freedom back and our way of life preserved.
If we wanted to be ruled by Belgian civil servants, we'd go and live in Belgium.

Paul Ronald zei

To whom it may Concern (and it does)
Please take 11 minutes 29sec of your time to see the further (unlawful malicious) intentions of our UK government and the EUssr, where we ask you the question placed above the link
It has nearly got to this stage and do you want it to continue? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6NhzVf0mIM&feature=player_embedded#!
If your answers are no to the above question and you lawfully wish to help save the UK, then please help us to help you, for the good of all. 
The below link is to a petition which as lawfully shown will then become a legal document. Which is under the acts of UK law, take the current PM David Cameron to court for misconduct in public office, for the people by the people. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/is-right-honourable-d-cameron-pm-now-fit-for-public-off.html
This I believe is the shortest researched lawful route we have as we may not have time in what many others propose in (some of) their most excellent ideas. If you have an outstanding issue with the supporting evidence and wish to show it in evidence in the intended application, then please contact me ptds05@hotmail.co.uk
For the good of all let’s stop the UMVP together.
Please note – By giving us a referendum they are only trying to lawfully authorise that which they have unlawfully carried out without the people’s consent – Which was and is treason against the UK people  For more on this please visit our blog http://the-uk-peoples-choice.blogspot.com/
Paul Ronald
Stop the UMVP (Unlawful Malicious Vindictive Persecution)