The noisy assassin

For your entertainment and enlightenment: Nigel Farage letting it rip in the EP plenary session this morning. To van Rompuy:
I said you'd be the quiet assassin of nation-state democracy. But you're not anymore. You're rather noisy about it, aren't you?
Whatever his faults, Mr Farage does speak eloquently what so many of us think and feel.

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Morningstar zei

Nigel Farage will soon be killed in a car or traffic "accident". Mark my words, remember were you read it first. That method and "suicide" is among their favourite methods. Only when that can't be achieved in a satisfactory way that will satisfy the majority sheeple as an explanation. Only then they will use an open assassination as means of removing their "obstacle". And Farage is very much an obstacle to them. Just like countryman Pat Condell he has become an intenet phenomenon. Only difference is that Condell is no threat to them. At least not yet. Condell will probably silenced when they manage to implement the new censorship laws in the next couple of years or so. Farage is drawing far much attention to the case of the un-democratic EU and the coming EUSSR. He has to go, simple as that.

Mr Ecks zei

Farage has already had a mysterious light plane crash.

However, that scenario is unlikely. Farage is talker (a good one and is due some respect for that) not a real leader. The EU has problems much,MUCH biger than Farage.

Morningstar zei

I hope you're right but I'm a pessimist. They want to implement a one world government. EUSSR is only the first stepping stone to achieve that goal. Considering that, anyone not with them is against them and they are completely ruthless.

Klein Verzet zei

Well, look at the bright side: There's only a couple of hundred of them (if that), and about 6 billion of us. Power originates from consent. If the majority of 6 billion do not consent, there is not a whole lot that a couple of hundred can do.

I tend to agree with Mr Ecks, though, as a leader Mr Farage has not had any real accomplishments. His speeches at the EP and elsewhere are phenomenal and deserve all of the attention, and more, that they get. But he and UKIP are not a threat to the EUnion. Unfortunately.

Morningstar zei

Those elites are dangerous psychopaths, never forget that. All that matters for them is power and control. They are control-freaks, thus all the snoop laws and cameras everywhere. They want full control of their subjects or slaves as I prefer to call us. An orwellian nightmare awaits us all should they succeed. This is not only limited to EU. Right now there is a bill in US senate that threatens the freedom of the internet. That will affect us too. They want to shut down all websites that they deem as discontent. Everything not PC will have to go. Poof!!

Klein Verzet zei

Yes, I am aware of the questionable character of the class of people seeking to rule us in this day and age. They must be stopped, because they are extremely dangerous people.


As long as you keep the flame of freedom and personal sovereignty burning in yourself, you will not be enslaved. Find like-minded people and you will begin to have the power for resistance. Find enough like-minded people and we will overthrow the undeserving and reconquer what is ours.

But it starts with every man/women sitting alone, in the dark whisky hours of the day, and realising 'No, I will not put up with this. I do NOT consent'. That is more or less what this blog was intended for: To show there is an alternative, there are more of us, we are not facing the powers that be alone, in solitude. To encourage readers who happen by here to make that realisation, to find that personal pride and independence.

Because at the end of the day: What is the alternative? Desperate capitulation? Then evil will truly have won.