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100 lashes of the whip if you don't die with laughter

This is a post in support of Charlie Hebdo, whose offices fell victim to the Religion of Perpetual Outrage today. In an awkward twist of fate this happened on the exact day, when seven years ago the ROPO struck at Vincent van Gogh. Not much has changed in seven years, it seems.

[UPDATE001] Of course, other people think totally different about this issue. Head on over to Brussels Journal to read how Time Magazine's Paris Bureau Chief Bruce Crumley exposes himself, and his employers magazine, as full-blown, late-stage and terminal dhimmi's.

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MFS - The Other News zei

I remember the time when i was young, when the same cartoon figure in france would not have been given a second glance.This 'cartoon figure' isn't 'recent' i remember it from my childhood.Shows how much times have changed in nearly 50 years.

DP111 zei

Time magazine's Paris correspondent Bruce Crumley, on weighing in on the bombing of Charlie Hebdo. 
Excerpts from his Time piece:1) “Not only are such Islamophobic antics futile and childish, but they also openly beg for the very violent responses from extremists their authors claim to proudly defy …”2) It’s “hard to have much synpathy for [Charlie Hebdo] after it published another stupid and totally unnecessary edition mocking Islam.”3) The “issue was certain to enrage hard-core Islamists (and offend average Muslims) with articles and “funny” cartoons featuring the Prophet Mohammed—depictions forbidden in Islam to boot.

These people should be sent to Tahrir square for good. No return. Goodbye and good riddance.

Klein Verzet zei

Damn, you just beat me to it. I saw the same item on Brussels Journal this afternoon.

Morningstar zei

The figure above is similar to the one of Iznogoud but he has been around for half a century without problems. Probably because he isn't the controversial "prophet". Still he portrays arselifters in a not so good way though.

DP111 zei

What does a 13 year old American girl go for in Pakistan? Three thousand dollars. You might want to remember that number the next time another episode of Mosque on the Prairie airs or an expert says that we shouldn't fear the rise of political Islam in Libya or Tunisia or London

Read it all.